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Amidst the ongoing vigor of the great factional war, there is a strange undercurrent of dissention and disappearances

  • YC114-05-17

    In itself this should not be surprising - war frays the nerves of all but the hardiest participants, and a galactic-scale war will have devastating effects on the morale of untold numbers of soldiers, no matter how many more are ready to take their place. According to analysts scrutinizing reports from the field, what is increasingly surprising is the complex nature of these defections. Firstly, they seem to involve the least likely soldiers to run off. Enlisted members of the various factional armed [...]

    Recent scientific breakthroughs bring cost of progress under scrutiny

    • YC114-05-17

      The recent and surprising advancements in various scientific fields may have enraptured many, but there is a darker side to progress. The origins of all this new technology tend to alarm those who even get to hear of it at all, while the militaristic emphasis, even in this current climate, is putting the scientific community on edge about future developments. Lastly, there is the Inferno drug itself, a rumored catalyst behind many of these changes, but one that may also be linked to dangerous events [...]

      Advancements in several scientific fields lead to surprising and immediately beneficial discoveries

      • YC114-05-16

        Recent and unexpected advancements in various scientific fields have brought increased prosperity and improved quality of life to parts of society all over New Eden. In our last article we outlined our intent to examine the effect these advances have had on daily life, the drawbacks they have brought with them, the risks they have engendered and the resulting damage. In this instalment we will briefly go over some of the most notable ways in which these advances have been put to use. It should be [...]

        Rapid and surprising rise of technological advancements in previously stagnant fields

        • YC114-05-14

          Major advances have been made recently in various once-stagnant scientific fields, throughout all of civilized New Eden. While the full impact of these advances has yet to be measured, their effects, for good and ill, are already being felt at various levels of society. Over the following days, we will present a brief overview of the current state of affairs. It must be noted that the brevity of this reportage is due partly to how new these advances are - The Scope always strives to be first - and [...]