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Unknown military force strikes Gallente planet, hundreds believed dead

  • YC114-10-31

    PLACID REGION - Several reports have surfaced that a small ground troop offensive of unknown origin this afternoon took place on the Gallente planet of Evaulon VII. The target appears to have been the planet's lone city, Rilnais, which according to reports is now engulfed in a cloud of noxious vapor. While the extent of the devastation is unconfirmed at this point, there are indications that damage to the environment could be widespread and the loss of life significant, with most reports placing the [...]

    Empires increase security in the wake of planetary attacks

    • YC114-10-30

      The Caldari State and the Minmatar Republic have enacted new security measures in the wake of a recent spate of pirate attacks against planets within their respective domains. Late last month, the systems of Oddelulf and Bogelek in the Molden Heath region of Minmatar space saw two coordinated planetary strikes by the Angel Cartel, and this month witnessed a Gurista attack against Caldari planetary holdings in the system of Ohkunen. It is unknown at this time what motivated the attacks. Though details [...]