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Former Rescue Team Slaves Content in New Lives

  • YC112-02-12

    Annaro - Over a month has passed since a team of 16 Amarr slaves took part in the successful rescue of 176 trapped Caldari miners before being subsequently released. Each of the freed slaves indicates that they are content in their new lives. According to Ducia Foundry, seven of them have returned to their previous owner, The Ducia Foundry, as employees, while the rest have moved on to careers with other astro-surveying teams throughout New Eden. Reporters caught up with Foitien Stourli, one of the [...]

    Sahtogas System Taken By Tribal Liberation Force

    • YC112-02-03

      Sahtogas, The Bleak Lands - The Amarr system of Sahtogas fell to Minmatar occupancy yesterday at 14:55. Sahtogas controls the only access point to the Amarr system of Haras, occupancy of which is currently fiercely contested between the Minmatar Tribal Liberation Force and the Amarr 24th Imperial Crusade. The solar system is reported to house considerable mineral wealth, with surveys suggesting the presence of Promethium and several other valuable metals in the local moons. While 24th Imperial Crusade [...]