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Colony Directors Defend Suicide Pill Maker

  • YC112-10-05

    LUMINAIRE - The trial of Pierre Allendreau, the man accused of manufacturing and distributing the suicide pill 'Liberty,' saw an unusual turn of events today, when those the prosecution are painting as the case's victims rose to the defense of the accused. "He wasn't out to make a buck. He sold basically at cost, and would make as many as requested. We would have paid a lot more," said Hebark Tooten, director of a mining colony in Postouvin. Another director from the same system, Freid Lefebre, said, [...]

    Paramilitary Organization Pledges To Protect Starkmanir Sages

    • YC112-10-01

      Frarn - A group calling themselves the Starkman Milisi announced earlier today that they intend to provide free security for those Starkmanir sages who request it. This comes in response to the recent killing of Sage Uldas Dreeter in Abudban at the hands of Minmatar opposing the Amarr faith. "We may be the child brother of the Tribes, and people in our tribe may have beliefs that some find strange, but that does not mean we have to turn the other cheek. We have little in the way of culture, but we do [...]