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Caldari Navy Claims a Heavy Blow

  • YC109-08-28

    The Caldari Navy has issued a statement that a heavy blow had been struck against the criminal organization known as the Brothers of Freedom. For several weeks, two Capsuleers within the organization had made numerous attacks on various small State assets after having failed to destroy a sabotaged Chimera-class Carrier weeks earlier. Commander Jurensai, the Caldari Navy officer in charge of operations to bring down the Brothers of Freedom had this to say: "Due to the nature of the two criminals being [...]

    Federation Customs captures Serpentis Carrier in Drug Raid

    • YC109-08-15

      An operation that has taken months of undercover work and surveillance came to a conclusion on Sunday evening as the Regional Drug Squad of the Federation Customs captured a Serpentis Carrier fully laden with the drug Rise. The drug, which was expected to be distributed around the region by fast interceptors and sympathisers, has been a scourge on the region of Placid, due to it appealing mainly to the Intaki population. Inspector Xavier, in command of the drug squad, held a press conference to sing [...]

      Reidmar Clan Succession Ritual Delayed

      • YC109-08-05

        GALLAREUE - After intensive talks with Gallente Federation government officials, the Reidmar clan has agreed to not conduct their traditional Fen'dha ritual to determine the successor to their recently deceased leader, Anfinn. Anfinn had passed on the 16th of May after an extended struggle with an unspecified illness. The Minmatar Vherokior clan - recently relocated to Gallente space - had raised concerns amongst citizens of Gallareue VIII due to the brutal nature of the ritual when clan spokesman, [...]