Caldari Navy Claims a Heavy Blow

New Eden News | YC109-08-28

The Caldari Navy has issued a statement that a heavy blow had been struck against the criminal organization known as the Brothers of Freedom.

For several weeks, two Capsuleers within the organization had made numerous attacks on various small State assets after having failed to destroy a sabotaged Chimera-class Carrier weeks earlier.

Commander Jurensai, the Caldari Navy officer in charge of operations to bring down the Brothers of Freedom had this to say: "Due to the nature of the two criminals being pod-pilots, we had to spend an extensive period of time tracking the pair's movements. Once we had located the medical facility they used, we moved quickly to inform Capsuleers loyal to the state of the strike against the pilots.”

“Only a few hours later, our forces ambushed the careless duo and their Drake-class Battlecruisers, quickly overwhelming them and destroying their ships and pods. At the same time, a task force raided their medical facilities, and ensured that there would be no clone activation for the two."

When asked about the amount of firepower enlisted in the destruction of the two pilot's Battlecruisers, the Navy stated that it was simply making sure that escape was impossible for the two criminals.

With the death of the only known pod pilots within the organisation, the Navy has set its sights on Melarius, the group's ringleader.

While the Brothers of Freedom have continued to act in small amounts, it is believed that it will only be a matter of time before the leaders of the group are brought to justice for their crimes against the State.