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Dozens believed dead as explosion rocks Egbonbet station

  • YC109-05-24

    At approximately 22:50 EVE Time last night, a bomb exploded in the Republic Parliament Bureau station in Egbonbet, the station scheduled to host the next round of talks between the Minmatar Republic and the Ammatar Mandate. The explosion tore into a civilian habitat section of the station and severed several transport corridors, catching the Ammatar delegation and killing one of the Mandate consulate members. According to Republic Security officials, the bomb was a crude high-yield device which [...]

    Anti-State protests in New Caldari spark violence.

    • YC109-05-22

      Just as it cleared itself from one scandal, the State has found itself mired in another, as a freighter belonging to the Anti-State movement the Brothers of Freedom was downed in New Caldari. The death toll currently stands at approximately 65,000, with final numbers almost impossible to attain. It is understood that a Charon freighter piloted by Uhaera Kuomai, a member of the Brothers of Freedom, was destroyed approximately 100km from the Chief Executive Panel station in New Caldari, where it was [...]

      Innovaatio Varustukset scientists kidnapped; rescued

      • YC109-05-18

        Late on Wednesday the 16th, a science vessel owned by Caldari military research corporation Innovaatio Varustukset was attacked in the Litiura system. The lone surviving scientist was then kidnapped and taken to Guristas space, where he was later rescued by an Internal Security fleet and returned to Caldari space. The science vessel, a modified Manticore-class Stealth Bomber, was returning from field testing the top secret Innovaatio cloaking device, rumored to revolutionize cloaking technology [...]

        Caldari Gaming Commission found guilty of tax fraud

        • YC109-05-18

          The committee investigating the alleged tax fraud presented its findings to the Chief Executive Panel earlier today. The committee concluded that 'the Caldari Gaming Commission (CGC) is guilty of tax evasion for trying to hide 3.4 billion isk from the State.' The CEP has announced that they will abide by the decision of the committee, lead by Prof. Sari Hazel, and will act on the recommendations given. 'We (the CEP) have reached an agreement to accept the conclusion stated in the report. We [...]

          Summertime snow continues to fall in the State.

          • YC109-05-14

            Suspicions continue to rise in the interstellar community, following a new round of accusations between the warring nations; this time voiced by concerned citizens directly to capsuleer populations in two systems. Startling new claims were made, fuelling further tension and adding more confusion to the already complex international situation. Last Tuesday evening, pilots in the Perimeter and Luminaire systems were hailed over local comms by citizens of their respective nations, each of them pressing [...]

            Chemal Tech collaboration raises suspicions.

            • YC109-05-08

              A recent meeting between Chemal Tech and Eifyr & Co. officials has raised suspicion in the wider interstellar community, sparking renewed concern and inviting a fresh round of conspiracy theories about the shady Krusual-backed Eifyr. The meeting itself appeared innocuous enough on the surface; a small gathering of representatives discussing mutually beneficial research and development agreements – the likes of which happen all the time between the Federation and Republic. The Krusual tribe however, [...]

              Ammatar Governor comments on Matari/Ammatar Talks

              • YC109-05-07

                Ibrar Ondagoi, the Governor of Ammatar, yesterday afternoon released a statement claiming the Amarr government was “informed well in advance” of the Ammatar Consulate’s intention of entering into talks with the Minmatar Republic. The reason the talks were kept secret, the statement says, is that “neither the Empire nor its mandate wanted to give opportunistic hatemongers a reason to incite violence in protest of peaceful communication.” The Governor issued his statement after several meetings with [...]

                Innovaatio Varustukset laboratory robbed

                • YC109-05-06

                  HENTOGAIRA - The problems for military development firm Innovaatio Varustukset, recently the center of controversy as Ishukone's attempted purchase of it has been locked up in Caldari courts, are only getting worse. Late on the 27th April, one of the company's research laboratories, in the Hentogaira system, was the target of a break in. At exactly 23:30, the power to the lab was cut and what was described as a "blue, odorless gas" was pumped into its ventilation systems. The gas overwhelmed the [...]