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Serpentis appoints ORE administrator to Lord Admiral Position

  • YC108-09-29

    OUTER RING. In a surprising change of policy, the Serpentis Corporation have appointed a former Outer Ring Excavations (ORE) station administrator – Fazin Oorund – to the position of Lord Admiral. He is now responsible for communications between ORE and Serpentis, and will assist with decisions between the executive boards of both Corporations for their combined strategic benefit. This appointment follows the Serpentis' hostile takeover of ORE, after Mordu's Legion had departed the region, taking a [...]

    Rescue Ships Finally Reach Disaster Planet Surface

    • YC108-09-18

      Last Wednesday a convoy of rescue ships finally landed on the surface of the planet Reschard V, seven months after the planet was reduced to an uninhabitable wreck by an as yet unexplained disaster. The convoy of rescue ships, under the aegis of The Servant Sisters, were finally able to land on the surface of the planet during the first lull in the planet-wide megastorms since the incident occurred. Despite the scale of the destruction - and the significant period of time which the entire surface of [...]

      New Jump Drive Prototype Fails

      • YC108-09-09

        It has been reported that a live test of a new jump drive system created by InoTech Star Drive Solutions failed in spectacular fashion late last Sunday evening, resulting in the destruction of a small Caldari Navy taskforce. Shortly after 2100 New Eden standard time, InoTech initiated a major test run of its highly advanced Jump Drive Technology. The Jump Drive prototypes, which had previously been used in a series of relatively successful but limited tests within Caldari space, were installed in a [...]

        Loyalist Capsuleers obstruct theft of Khanid Carrier

        • YC108-09-06

          The Khanid carrier 'Equinox' was at the centre of further controversy last week, as Capsuleer forces loyal to the Kingdom were called upon to intervene in an attempted theft of the capital vessel. The 'Equinox', skeleton crewed and fresh out of the Dark Amarr Creations (D-AC) shipyards, was on its way to be delivered to the Royal Khanid Navy's fleet yards in the Irmalin system, where it was scheduled to receive its full crew complement and begin operations testing in preparation for active service. [...]

          Federation Mothership Stolen, CONCORD Ships Destroyed

          • YC108-09-05

            LUMINAIRE – Last weeks daring theft of a Federation Navy mothership by Admiral Siral of the Serpentis Corporation resulted in not only the loss of the stolen ship, but the destruction of four CONCORD Special Operations vessels. The stolen Federation Nyx was destroyed in the PFP-GU system of the Syndicate by a combined fleet of Goonswarm and 3rd Front Alliance vessels. However the CONCORD losses occurred in Stacmon where they were the victims of an unruly gang of capsule pilots that had been originally [...]

            Order of St. Tetrimon Condemns Pilot for Heresy

            • YC108-09-05

              Grand Master Horm of the Order of St. Tetrimon excommunicated an Amarrian pilot for heretical acts against the Order and the Amarr Empire earlier this week. The pilot, Revan Neferis, recently sought redemption from the Order but was unable to complete the conditions for a full pardon according to Horm's judgement. The Grand Master then condemned Revan " burn in the pits of damnation and heresy." Revan Neferis was originally condemned as part of the Tetrimon Order's denouncement of the Verisum [...]

              Port Redemption slave facility destroyed

              • YC108-09-05

                BLEAK LANDS. Ushra'Khan forces destroyed a slave processing facility located in the Sahtogas system at the end of July. The starbase, known as Port Redemption was operated by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Slaves (SPCS); a subsidiary of the Amarrian loyalist organization PIE Inc. Port Redemption was classed by the SPCS as a Slave Receiving Facility (SRF), a starbase designed to take in Minmatar Slaves to be educated before being sent into the Amarr Empire. The Facility also assisted with [...]