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Stolen relics retrieved by Tetrimon cult

  • YC108-05-29

    A large scale battle between Followers of the Order of St. Tetrimon and Blood Raider pirates has occurred this weekend in the Genesis region to retrieve religious items. Escorted by members of the Aegis Militia and Verisum Family, the Tetrimon followers – who were identified as Grand Master Horm and Helmut Orren – clashed with the Blood Raiders in the Access solar system; allegedly in a bid to secure religious artifacts which the Blood Raiders had plundered from an ancient Amarrian temple site in the [...]

    Alliance Tournament Announced

    • YC108-05-29

      Yesterday morning, the Caldari Gaming Commission announced that they are organizing a second alliance tournament. Scheduled to start on the 15th of July, the tournament will be held over two consecutive weekends. The first of the Alliance Tournaments, held late last December, was a smashing success for the Caldari Gaming Commission, now considered leaders in the field. Commission head Airas Sukela, speaking on this next round, has been quoted as saying “the rules of combat haven’t changed much from [...]

      Decorated Captain denied task force for Molden Heath

      • YC108-05-19

        Last week, the Republic Fleet denied a request by one of its captains to lead a task force in what has been described as the 'pacification of criminal elements' in the Molden Heath region after the loss of his patrol. Karishal Muritor – Captain 1st Class, who was presented with the prestigious Drupar’s Sun award earlier last month for ‘consistent and meritorious service to the Republic’ – had allegedly deviated from his assigned patrol route and was attacked in the Oddelulf system by several capsuleer [...]

        Intaki Spiritual Leader To Resign Caille Position

        • YC108-05-17

          SINQ LAISON. Intaki spiritual leader Vremaja Idama has resigned from his lecturing position at the University of Caille in the schools of History, Philosophy and Politics. The resignation, coming just a few weeks after his hiring last March, was reportedly closely related to Mr. Vremaja's displeasure with the Federation government's lack of support for Intaki culture and citizens. In his own words, "as an Idama [Intaki for "Most Holy"], I made a vow to be an example to my people. I can no longer in [...]

          Presidential Candidate Remembers Hueromont Dead

          • YC108-05-16

            Senator Mentas Blaque, one of two remaining candidates for the presidency of the Gallente Federation, yesterday paid a visit to the city of Hueromont on Gallente Prime. The visit was undertaken in order to commemorate the roughly fourteen thousand Gallente who died when Caldari Admiral Yakia Tovil-Toba flew his carrier into the planet’s atmosphere 188 years ago, during the Gallente-Caldari war. The senator held a speech at the site of the calamity, after which he was toured by the city’s mayor, Emile [...]

            Gavit Torash to become Holder

            • YC108-05-07

              In a press conference held on his future estate, Gavit Torash announced that he will officially become Holder of House Torash through a ceremony that is rarely performed in modern Amarr society. He next announced sweeping changes in House Torash’s interstellar policies. Afterwards, he thanked Amarrian paramilitaries for their aid lend to the troubled House after the death of his father. Although reluctant to release details on how the house will be changing, Gavit claimed that once he has been made [...]

              Billionaire Dies, Leaves Unusual Request in Will

              • YC108-05-06

                The famed Gallente businessman, entrepeneur and playboy Ruevo Aram has just passed at the age of 173. Admired by the intellectual society for his skill at solving seemingly unsolvable riddles. Known for his wild behavior and rumoured to have ties deep within the Gallente government, he will be missed by many. In his will, he left this message: _"At the time of my death, one person will have a chance to make history. In the event of my death, ninety-eight percent of my wealth is to be transferred to [...]

                CONCORD denounces NORAD and D2; Placid overrun with boosters.

                • YC108-05-01

                  Saturday saw a massive struggle in the Outer Ring and Syndicate regions of space, as first the Band of Brothers struck several blows against starbases in Outer Ring, then as the D2 and NORAD alliances escorted a shipment of Serpentis boosters into the Orvolle system. Intercepted by a CONCORD Rapid Response Team (RRT) and several brave pilots from Orvolle, the two alliances decimated five CONCORD Special Ops battleships and three CONCORD Special Ops cruisers, as well as destroying their pod pilot [...]