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Foiritan, Blaque Comment on Autrech’s Withdrawal

  • YC108-04-27

    President Souro Foiritan’s office and the campaign office of Senator Mentas Blaque today sent out press releases detailing the two candidates’ stances on Eman Autrech’s surprise withdrawal of his presidential bid yesterday morning. The President’s Office’s statement reads: “It comes as a blow to this democracy and a personal shock to the President that a good man such as Autrech should decide to step down. His reasons for doing so are doubtless solid and just. The Foiritan Administration wishes the [...]

    Presidential Candidate Announces Surprise Withdrawal of Candidacy

    • YC108-04-26

      Gallente Presidential candidate Eman Autrech at a press conference this morning announced that he is withdrawing his candidacy for the Gallente Presidential seat. The announcement follows several months of census taking and legal maneuvering within the Federation, circumstances which have seen the indeterminate delay of election proceedings. In his statement, the former presidential hopeful claimed that "due to the apparent flaws present in our mode of government, my faith that the system works as [...]

      Soullier bid for Strata fails

      • YC108-04-14

        Earlier this week the board of Strata Corp, a small Caldari corporation, announced the rejection of a takeover bid from rival Gallente corporation Soullier Laboratories, followed immediately by the announcement of a successful buyout by an undisclosed third party. The events unfolded in the New Caldari system, where Soullier Laboratories had called a press conference in order to announce the successful takeover of their smaller rival. The mood changed dramatically however, when the victory speech by [...]

        Notable Captain Awarded Drupar's Sun

        • YC108-04-10

          Captain 1st Class Karishal Muritor of the Republic Fleet was today awarded Drupar’s Sun, one of the most prestigious medals given by the Republic, at a Fleet award ceremony held on Matar. In addition, Captain Muritor was awarded a promotion, from Captain to Captain 1st Class, for his consistent and meritorious service to the Republic. “I accept the honour bestowed upon me by Admiral Fogneko with gratitude," stated Captain Muritor. "I consider this to be a symbol of the growing fortitude of the men [...]

          Amarrian Loyalist Fleet Destroys 'Terrorist Training Camp'

          • YC108-04-03

            Amarrian loyalist forces dealt a blow to the Ushra'Khan alliance last Sunday evening by destroying a Starbase that they believed was a terrorist training camp. The Starbase was located deep in space that is claimed by the Minmatar alliance. Representatives of the 70-man fleet claimed this action as a direct response to the destruction of an amarrian Holder, Jamir Torash, by the Ushra'Khan Alliance, an event that took place last week. The U'K itself later condemend the action as "a petty revenge attack [...]

            Serpentis Fleet Continues to Influence Outer Ring Politics

            • YC108-04-02

              Disturbing rumors have been coming from the Heart constellation of the Outer Ring region, as the Serpentis continue their consolidation of the Outer Ring Excavations Corporation. Sources inside the organization have commented on increased traffic in material and goods, most flowing to the ORE stations in 4C-B7X. In addition, Serpentis pilots have taken to patrolling routes from 4C-B7X to PF-346, setting Federation officials on alert. PF-346, connected to the Orvolle system via a jumpgate, has seen [...]