New Eden News

The latest news from around the cluster as told by the special reporters of the news organizations of New Eden.

Intaki spiritual leader announces marriage

  • YC108-03-27

    In a shock move, Intaki-reborn philosopher Vremaja Idama announced his marriage to Vika Kuvakei, a Caldari Deteis and daughter of a renowned Caldari patriot. The news came as Vremaja, something of a spiritual and philosophical leader in Intaki culture, concluded his 5 year-long pilgrimage visiting Intaki colonies around the New Eden cluster. The Intaki, with his new wife at his side, has taken up a post at Caille University, lecturing in the schools of History, Philosophy and Politics. This marriage [...]

    Terrorist strike in Amarr, Holder dead

    • YC108-03-24

      TASH MURKON. Amarrian Holder Jamir Torash was reported dead after paramilitary elements attacked and destroyed his convoy last night. Honourable Lord Torash, head of House Torash from Chaven, was intercepted and killed by Ushra'Khan pilots. The Minmatar paramilitary group later acknowledged responsibility for the attack. Lord Torash's convoy, travelling from Chaven to Geth and consisting of two haulers, a transport ship and armed escorts, was intercepted in the Hibi system. According to a CONCORD [...]

      Vitoc antidote scarce - addicts turned away

      • YC108-03-21

        Minmatar cities based on the continent of Ebrembrur on Edmalbrurdus VI are reporting a shortage of Vitoc antidote. Believed to be due to a recent mutation of the viral toxin, this development leaves Gallentean and Minmatar scientists fighting as they yet again struggle to unravel this particular strain’s attributes. Authorities report that although there is no cause for alarm yet, Vitoc antidote distribution centres need to be frugal with their reserves. Federation Senators have visited several of [...]

        SoulLab to buy Strata Corps

        • YC108-03-21

          NEW CALDARI. The Executive Board of Strata Corp is reviewing a take-over offer from its Gallente rival Soullier Laboratories. The offer for 57% of SC's shares, at 45.37 per share, was formally presented last Thursday to the surprise of every market analyst in The Forge, after Strata Corp's success to regain market share previously lost to SoulLab. SC's acquisition was launched "as part of our expansion strategy in the Caldari transmitter market, and was being planned for quite some time", explained Mr [...]

          Exodus causes crippling labour shortages

          • YC108-03-20

            Further repercussions from an increasingly large Matari exodus to the Gallente Federation surfaced this week as a number of Matari industrial complexes, situated near the Republic-Federation border, ground to a halt due to severe labour shortages. With all eyes on the Gallente Federation as it continues to grapple with the sudden influx of Matari immigrants, little heed has been paid to the increasing problems caused within the Minmatar Republic by the wholesale loss of citizens. In both the Eugidi [...]

            Archaeological expedition to Crux planned

            • YC108-03-12

              SINQ LAISON. Dr. Tiris Nalom, former Vice Director of University of Caille's department of Archaeology, will conduct private funded explorations in the Crux constellation, in the borders of Federation space, where ancient ruins of unknown origin are said to have been discovered. Widely renowned as one of the leading experts in the pre-Rouveour period of Gallente history, and the pre-Raata period of Caldari history, in the last years Dr. Nalom has steered the focus of his research towards what he [...]

              Notorious Gurista Sighted In Venal

              • YC108-03-06

                VENAL. Lucash Helmatt has emerged from hiding according to reports from local residents. Helmatt, who gained notoriety after downing a CONCORD battleship in November, destroyed two vessels piloted by members of the Phoenix Alliance in the 6NJ8-V system on Sunday. Commenting on this encounter, Phoenix Alliance's Second-In-Command, Reaso Ning, said that the Guristas had entered the system and announced that they "would not engage those who didn't engage them. Some of our members took this as a challenge [...]

                Federation Seeks Solutions to Immigrant Influx

                • YC108-03-06

                  Agencies within the Gallente Federation have in recent weeks been engaged in staving off potential problems posed by the steadily escalating influx of Matari immigrants to regions bordering the two nations. According to a report released by the Federal Immigration Advisory Board to the Gallente Senate yesterday, the inhabitant figures of population centers in the Gallente Border Zone and Nexus constellations have swelled considerably in the past two months, even more so if the presumed number of [...]