New Eden News

The latest news from around the cluster as told by the special reporters of the news organizations of New Eden.

First Contact Festival celebrated tomorrow

  • YC105-06-25

    Tomorrow marks the 105th anniversary of the Yoiul Conference, where the guidelines for inter-stellar peace and co-operation between the empires where set. As usual, grand banquets are to be held in many places, with the top politicians, financial tycoons and entertainment celebrities present. The day is a national holiday throughout the world of EVE, which may cause reduced service in some places. Space travelers are advised not to take on jobs for empire corporations tomorrow, as they may be lost in [...]

    Small space shuttles to be put on market

    • YC105-06-12

      The empires have responded to the many requests for cheap alternative ways for space travel by launching space shuttles. These small vessels are only intended to ferry personnel between places and have no weaponry or other ship equipment. The shuttles offer a fast and efficient way to travel between distant places for a very small sum of money. Each of the empires have launched their own shuttle type, so all space farers should be able utilize these new machines. The first batch of space shuttles will [...]

      Factory demand drives up rental prices

      • YC105-06-12

        Industrial tycoons running manufacture space stations are ecstatic over the high demand for the factory service they provide. Being true capitalists the tycoons have decided to raise the rental cost for their factory slots. It is expected that price for renting factory slots may rise as much as 800% in some areas, less in others. Manufacturers have already started to complain about the pending rent increase, while the tycoons where last seen laughing all the way to the bank. The rent increase will [...]

        Concord comments on recent security breaches in empire space

        • YC105-06-12

          Our sources claim that several steps have been taken within local and galactic law enforcement agencies to address the recent tide of piracy and criminal activities within the boundaries of empire space. High ranking officials within Concord and army officers have denied to comment on any details regarding these operations, as this would compromise the safety of their military and staff, but state that naturally they will do all they can to ensure the safety of all civilians and space travelers within [...]

          CONCORD deploys Special Ops

          • YC105-06-07

            An emergency meeting of high-ranking CONCORD officials was held in closed session earlier today, as confirmed by an anonymous source of impeccable reliability. The impromptu meeting was called following a tidal wave of reports from law enforcement agencies representing each of the five empires and some small, independent territories. "We can no longer guarantee the safety of our citizens. All efforts to restore order have failed. Officers have been slain. We implore CONCORD to come to our aid before [...]

            Stasis web

            • YC105-06-04

              Experiments by the Jovian Navy on its new deep space stasis web project went terribly bad an hour ago. The galactic ramifications of this dangerous technology far exceeded the predictions of the Jovians. The result was a total stasis webbification of all ships in almost all regions of space. Representatives from the Jove Empire have refused to comment further on the experiment, leading to speculations about the future intent for the stasis web project. Naturally, the other empires are concerned about [...]

              Communication Censoring

              • YC105-06-04

                A young and overly eager officer in the Faster Than Light Communication Commission (FTLCC), a branch of CONCORD, has tempered with the routing filters resulting in all sub-space comm channels with the symbols & in their names changed to spaces. FLTCC has brought in veteran communication engineers from the Ishukone Corporation to repair the routing tables. Once repairs have been done the channels will again get their normal names.

                Security warning in Obe

                • YC105-06-03

                  CONCORD has issued a travel warning to all those going through the Obe system, a popular hub and trade route. Apparently a loosely held group of terrorists and marauders have been preying on innocent traders. Without mercy, these evildoers prefer erasing all traces of their crimes by actually killing their victims. CONCORD will not stand idly by, and is now calling for re-inforcements. Until then, strong escort is recommended for lone travelers.

                  Strike Resolved

                  • YC105-06-03

                    The SCC announced today the peaceful resolution of the strike that pervaded the educational sector yesterday, blocking all trading with skill packs. Details of the agreement were not made public but the Dean of the University of Caille, Carbircelle Hatiniestan was quoted as saying that "some significant synergistic rapprochements had been made leading to a lucrative arrangement for all parties involved".

                    Education on Strike

                    • YC105-06-02

                      Following profound disagreements between academics and the manufacturers of skill packs regarding their license fee, unions throughout have, in an unique demonstration of cooperation, blocked the availability of skill packs in all market regions. The SCC (Secure Commerce Commission) is expected to agree upon an emergency legislation in an extraordinary meeting tomorrow to re-establish order.