CONCORD deploys Special Ops

New Eden News | YC105-06-07

An emergency meeting of high-ranking CONCORD officials was held in closed session earlier today, as confirmed by an anonymous source of impeccable reliability.

The impromptu meeting was called following a tidal wave of reports from law enforcement agencies representing each of the five empires and some small, independent territories. "We can no longer guarantee the safety of our citizens. All efforts to restore order have failed. Officers have been slain. We implore CONCORD to come to our aid before more innocent lives are lost," one memo read, according to the source.

Following this morning's conference, a message was immediately transmitted from CONCORD to DED, giving the green light for the deployment of specialized forces to police the most heavily affected areas until a shipment of additional sentry guns can be transported and installed. "Dispatch The Four," one cryptic message read. Further information is unavailable; regularly monitored security channels have gone into "Code Red" mode, in which the transmissions are scrambled and encrypted. The Scope will be at the ready the moment these channels are reopened and more facts are available.

A Travelers' Advisory has been issued for citizens to use extreme caution when visiting the Lonetrek region. Alternate routes, if available, should be selected.