Alliance Tournament XI Silent Auction Now Live

The random draw for Alliance Tournament XI was streamed live yesterday through CCP Games channel. The VOD from the draw can be seen here, and the results of the draw can be seen here.

From today to 23:59 UTC on June 16th, we will accept bids from alliances towards one of the remaining 32 spots in the tournament. All alliances are able to participate in the silent auction regardless of if they were signed up for the random draw. Submit all bids to CCP Gargant via EVEmail.

A bid is accepted when CCP Gargant has an Eve-mail from the executor of the alliance and has a personal contract assigned to him with the PLEX of the bid. Teams who did sign up for the draw should contract five fewer PLEX than their bid to account for the PLEX that were reverse-redeemed during signup for the draw. If your bid does not win you one of the 32 spots in the tournament, the contract will be cancelled and any reverse-redeemed PLEX will be refunded.

The 11th Alliance Tournament is gearing up to be quite the spectacle once it kicks off on the 20th of July. The Tournament Team has taken strides to lower the barrier of entry into the tournament and we encourage all alliances that might want to participate to submit their bid and join us on this fun ride! Remember that you will have a private system on a seperate server to practice in, and the prizes are fantastic!