DeathRace 2013

by ISD Tedra Kerrigan

Dantumi, Lonetrek - On Saturday the 16th of March, Rixx Javix is sponsoring and organizing what he calls a 'DeathRace' across the breadth of New Eden.

The race will start at 17:00 EVE time on March 16 and is free to all comers.

Javix, a known pirate, says that he was partly inspired by a Badger race he participated in almost four years ago. Shortly after the Badger race, during a long and boring gate camp in Providence, the idea for a New Eden DeathRace was born.

The first DeathRace was held through Providence and had 70 contestants, not all of whom made it to the finish line. Fighting among contestants is encouraged but not mandatory, and Javix warned that those who think to fit the fastest possible ship and make a run for it may find some unpleasant surprises along the route.

The total prize value of this year's DeathRace is almost up to five billion ISK now, divided into a number of categories. There is even a 100mil ISK prize for the first pod to cross the finish line.

You can see the full prize list, as well as the rules of the competition below.

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