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News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Second Season of Sani Sabik Modelling Contest Reaches Finals

  • YC113-06-27

    YFN-UN, Syndicate - Revan Neferis has opened the second iteration of her New Eden-wide modelling contest. The competition invites capsuleers from all backgrounds to compete against each other for fame and the chance to win 3 billion ISK's worth of prizes. The competition is a Sani Sabik event, described by its sponsor as "a praise to beauty of the Universe and the best genetic expressions of mankind." Ms. Neferis compared this new season of the contest to the last, saying “This season will be much [...]

    EVE University Professor Produces Educational Video Series

    • YC113-06-26

      Aldrat, Metropolis - Seamus Donohue, professor at EVE University, has produced a 46-part video guide to a pod pilot's life in New Eden. Eve University has long-held a reputation for providing capsuleers with an excellent post-licencing education. The instition hosts lectures by both staff and guests alongside practical classes; while they have produced texts and video lessons in the past, this is the most extensive series of holos so far. Professor Donohue said "The first round of filming was only a [...]

      HYDRA RELOADED Wins Alliance Tournament IX

      • YC113-06-20

        HYDRA RELOADED has won Alliance Tournament IX. An early loss to DarkSide. knocked Pandemic Legion out of the tournament in only the second match of the day. This loss opened the door to the championship and Outbreak. worked their way through to the Final where they faced HYDRA RELOADED who had effortlessly worked their way through as well. The resultant fight was aggressive and brutal with Outbreak. taking an early lead. HYDRA caught up though as Outbreak. was concentrating on the HYDRA logistics [...]

        Finals For Alliance Tournament IX Begin Tomorrow

        • YC113-06-19

          Group Stages for the Ninth Alliance Tournament are complete and the first rounds of the Finals are set for tomorrow. No flagships were fielded today, but several large ISK offers to throw matches kept things interesting. With some group leaders already in such dominant positions, several matches had no effect on position in the finals. This also applied to lower ranking participants who saw no need to put in much effort as they were already out of the finals based on points; the last match of the day [...]

          Second Round of Group Stages Complete for Alliance Tournament IX

          • YC113-06-14

            The second round of Group stages completed this past weekend. One more round of Stages and the Finals are scheduled for this coming weekend. Minmatar ships dominate this tournament with 517 of varied classes being fielded so far. Caldari ships are a distant second with 318 being fielded, but 105 of those alone were Tengus. The Cyclone (90), Sabre (88), Scimitar (85) and Sleipnir (83) still fill out the Top 5 slots along with the 105 Tengus. Two Flagships were fielded, with one lost and one surviving a [...]

            Lottopalooza 7 Awards Nightmare Battleship

            • YC113-06-13

              Halaima, The Citadel - After Lottopalooza's establishment over one year, the lottery has given out prizes worth over 1 trillion ISK. To mark the occasion, the 7th lottery saw the top prize of a Nightmare battleship awarded to the winner. Kain Rehel, organiser of the non-profit Lottopalooza 7, explained how the lottery first began: "Well back then the only lotteries around for capsuleers were from Darkness and Chribba types and I figured, 'hey i can do that'." JoelCoen, a regular ticket holder for the [...]

              Alliance Tournament coverage continues from 14:50 UTC on Sunday, June 12

              • YC113-06-12

                Alliance Tournament IX returns to our screens again today in glorious high definition! Tune in to the live stream at 14:50 UTC to make sure you witness all the thrills and spills from today's live matches. If you are unable to watch the stream for any reason, our Interstellar Correspondents will be keeping you up to date with statistics and match reports on their AT IX site. We have great prizes to give out today in our Predict a Winner competition. Please refer to this news article for full details.

                First Day of Group Stages For Alliance Tournament IX Complete

                • YC113-06-12

                  The first rounds of the Group Stages are complete as we continue to move towards the Finals scheduled for next weekend. With twice the ships and twice the points, field choices have been more varied as teams jostle for a position in the Finals. Returning champions Pandemic Legion debuted today in Alliance Tournament IX and performed as anticipated, wrecking Ushra'Khan for the first flawless victory of the day. Cumulative statistics still show the Tengu as the #1 choice of ship with 88 fielded to date. [...]

                  Tune in to Alliance Tournament IX this weekend for good fights and great prizes

                  • YC113-06-10

                    Alliance Tournament IX is coming to EVE TV in glorious high definition this weekend. The hosts, CCP Soundwave and CCP Sunset, along with the Alliance Tournament team and experts, invite you join them as 32 teams battle it out to be crowned champions. Will Pandemic Legion retain their crown or will a new challenger come and usurp them? The only way to know for sure is to tune in to EVE TV from 14:50 UTC on Saturday, June 11. In addition to the many matches this weekend, our friends at Logitech, EVGA, [...]

                    Morsus Mihi Reset Standings

                    • YC113-06-09

                      Hakonen, Lonetrek - It is understood that Morsus Mihi [RAWR] will be undergoing a full standings reset, with the exception of keeping RAZOR Alliance blue. It is believed that RAWR will be moving to Delve and at the same time will be looking to remove many industrialist pilots in favour of combat focused ones. Imperian, RAWR alliance Operations Leader, confirmed the rumours, saying that although Razor alliance will be remaining blue "for old-times sake" and because "their pilots are awesome", they will [...]

                      Capsuleer Outer Region Political Summary

                      • YC113-06-07

                        Y113.05.01 - Y113.05.31. This month has again been dominated by the on-going war between the Drone Region Forces (DRF) and the Northern Coalition (NC). After rumours of an organised retreat by the NC from the regions of Geminate and Vale of the Silent with the intent of fortifying the Tribute region, all stations within the largely abandoned regions have fallen to the DRF. The changing hands of these regions has however not been without loss for the NC; the NC-aligned alliances which inhabited them [...]

                        Corporation Offers Prize in Anticipation of 10,000th Kill

                        • YC113-06-05

                          Ammold, Heimatar - Cloak and Daggers corporation, [C-D] member of the –Mostly Harmless- alliance, is approaching a grand total of 10,000 enemy ship destructions. To mark the occasion, the capsuleer from C-D who destroys the 10,000th vessel will be awarded 1 billion ISK or a faction battleship of their choice. In the event of multiple corporation members being involved in the engagement, the 1 billion ISK will be divided equally amongst them. The prize was decided by Xalib Zondo, CEO of C-D. Speaking [...]

                          United Front Alliance Disbanding

                          • YC113-06-05

                            Branch - Following the forfeit of their Alliance Tournament IX Pre-Qualifying match, The Interstellar Correspondents can confirm that as of 4.5.113, United Front Alliance [UNIT] will begin disbanding. Quoting from a UNIT leadership mail circular from IceMen24, it read: "Sorry to tell you that we will disband UNIT in 10 days." The message continues as to the reasons for the disbandment: "Northern Coalition [NC] is dead and the plan for the future from Razor Alliance include only some old Northern [...]

                            First Day of 2nd Round Tournament Pre-Qualifying Complete

                            • YC113-06-05

                              The second weekend of Pre Qualifying is under way and the first rounds are complete. The Tengu continues to be the most popular ship fielded with 54 used to date. Runner-up is the Scimitar logistics ship with 36 used in matches to date. The Sleipnir has been knocked down to sixth place by the increased use of the Dramiel (24 vs. 18). The second day of the 2nd Pre Qualifying matches will begin in just a few hours. Match reports and statistics are available on the Interstellar Correspondents' website. [...]