Second Round of Group Stages Complete for Alliance Tournament IX

The second round of Group stages completed this past weekend. One more round of Stages and the Finals are scheduled for this coming weekend.

Minmatar ships dominate this tournament with 517 of varied classes being fielded so far. Caldari ships are a distant second with 318 being fielded, but 105 of those alone were Tengus. The Cyclone (90), Sabre (88), Scimitar (85) and Sleipnir (83) still fill out the Top 5 slots along with the 105 Tengus.

Two Flagships were fielded, with one lost and one surviving a win. HYDRA RELOADED's Bhaalgorn was valued at over 30 billion ISK and helped them achieve a flawless victory over Ushra'Khan. It is believed that Perihelion's Bhaalgorn lacked officer modules, so their loss against Paisti Syndicate is not expected to have a major impact on alliance funds.

All eyes will be on Match 7 this weekend when Tournament VIII champions Pandemic Legion face off against Tournament VIII second place winner HYDRA RELOADED in their group match. Both teams meet undefeated in their previous matches and carry full points.

Match reports and statistics are available on the Interstellar Correspondents' website.

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