Second Season of Sani Sabik Modelling Contest Reaches Finals

YFN-UN, Syndicate - Revan Neferis has opened the second iteration of her New Eden-wide modelling contest. The competition invites capsuleers from all backgrounds to compete against each other for fame and the chance to win 3 billion ISK's worth of prizes.

The competition is a Sani Sabik event, described by its sponsor as "a praise to beauty of the Universe and the best genetic expressions of mankind." Ms. Neferis compared this new season of the contest to the last, saying “This season will be much more ferocious. We will be more demanding on the psychological interviews, more ruthless on our interactions and of course, seeking that exotic touch on looks that would call our attention, to make this a very unpredictable and surprising event."

Asked if she felt that capsuleer genetics were coming closer to perfection, Ms Neferis said "The improvements on the capsuleer cosmetic science and the aesthetically pleasing features tell me yes. Especially the Minmatars, I'm quite impressed.”

In this year's contest, one entrant, Dream Br3aker was offered a Nyx (a super-carrier vessel worth roughly 16-17 billion ISK with basic fittings, often substantially more with modules and rigs) by Ms. Neferis to leave the competition. She refused the offer, choosing to remain in the contest and keep vying for the grand title, suggesting she could acquire a Nyx herself if she needed one.

The competition is now down to five final contestants. One finalist, Morwen Lagann described her motives for joining the competition this season. “The first one sounded like it had been a lot of fun by all accounts, so I didn't want to miss out this time around... and well, it's a learning experience.” When asked how confident she was about winning this season, she replied, “Most capsuleers run around wearing masks hiding who they really are - this competition provides an opportunity to learn about ourselves and our peers by taking those masks off to see what's underneath... I am very confident.”

Another finalist, Nausea, was equally sure of herself, saying, “Initially, there were many people that were somewhat... similar [in appearance]. They didn't seem to quite grasp what this event was about and why they were here. Now most are gone... I feel confident I can take the title. Rather confident, in fact.” When asked if she would take part in a season three, she replied, “Without a hesitation I would. This has been one of the most intense experiences I have ever gone through, and despite some misgivings, some people I will be keeping in contact with once this is all over.”

The second season of the New Eden-wide modelling contest hosted by Revan Neferis, is currently underway, with five finalists currently vying for the 3 billion ISK prize fund.

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