Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

The Hull Miners Union Celebrates 4th Anniversary

  • YC113-02-28

    PC9-AY, Syndicate - 19.2.113 marked the 4th anniversary for the combat-focused corporation, The Hull Miners Union [ONION]. The corporation was formed by a small group of like-minded pilots who wanted no more than to "have fun" and shoot other pilots. They started as a pirate corp of five members and were known to roam in the Maut system of the Placid region. From those meagre beginnings, ONION has become a part of Northern Coalition and is claimed to have more than 38,000 kills to their name. [...]

    Corporation Thief Caught and Executed

    • YC113-02-23

      Hayumtom, Domain - Amarrian low-security based corporation Quantum Horizons [.ANZ.] has identified a thieving corporation member and executed him in his own 2 billion ISK Machariel. The saga began when .ANZ. anchored a new control tower in a low-security system. Soon after, ships began disappearing from the Ship Maintenance Array including "a Rook, a Dominix, 2 Scorpions, a Drake, a Noctis and several smaller tech 2 frigates" according to CEO SuicidalPancake. SuicidalPancake explained that after two [...]

      Rebellion Alliance Collapses at Hands of Founder

      • YC113-02-23

        O2O, 2X - It has emerged that Rebellion Alliance [-R-] was dissolved last week by the hands of its leader due to suspected embezzlement by many of its high ranking members.​ The founder of -R-, Daroh, alleges that those within the leadership of -R- used the alliance to capture space, simply so that resources could be mined from the alliance’s moons. Instead of reinvesting the profits from those moons, he claims that those involved then tampered with the funds from the sale of the materials that were [...]

        Northern Coalition Forces Ambushed After Station Assault

        • YC113-02-22

          O4-LQM, Geminate - On 20.2.113, Northern Coalition forces were successful in placing Solar Fleet station, 'O4 SOLAR CITADEL', into reinforced mode. Northern Coalition forces, who were returning to mount a 2nd attack on the station, experienced no intervention from hostile forces in O4-LQM. However a hostile fleet of 800 capsuleers comprised primarily of Solar Fleet, Legion of xXDEATHXx, and White Noise (DRF) were present in the neighbouring solar system of Y8R-XZ. Once 'O4 SOLAR CITADEL' was placed [...]

          Pandemic Legion Loses 42 Billion ISK in Robbery

          • YC113-02-16

            H-PA29, Venal - Pandemic Legion had an estimated 50 billion ISK in assets stolen when now-former member Saint Schala became disgruntled with his corporation-mates on 03.02.113. The loot is believed to be mainly spaceship hulls, with an estimated 32 dreadnoughts, 3 carriers and a number of advanced cruisers being claimed stolen. Saint Schala said he also took all the wallet of the SniggWaffe corporation but gave it back on a second thought, explaining that he didn't wish the young pilots of Sniggwaffe [...]

            Supercapitals Clash in Uemon

            • YC113-02-16

              Uemon, The Forge -- During the late hours of 113.02.14 a massive supercapital battle between Northern Coalition forces and the Eastern Block lead to the loss of 12 Titans. One of the largest supercapital battles in New Eden occurred in Uemon, a low security system used by the Eastern block as a staging system for their attacks on the Geminate Region which is mostly now under control of the Northern Coalition. While the Northern Coalition forces (mainly Morsus Mihi, Razor, Mostly Harmless, Majesta [...]

              Rebellion Alliance Collapses: Geminate Opens Up

              • YC113-02-16

                O2O-2X - Rebellion Alliance collapsed as it lost all of its sovereignty in Geminate over the weekend. Rumors abound, but the cause of the collapse is not known for certain. Several systems in Geminate were fought over viciously in an impressive string of battles, some of which had over 900 capsuleers in system and saw numerous titans and supercarriers fielded. The battles come as no surprise to people familiar with the region: Geminate has been a hotbed of conflict in recent years. It may take days to [...]

                Standings Corporations Join Forces to Expand Service

                • YC113-02-13

                  New Eden - Two corporations who share a common goal have decided to form a partnership as they help capsuleers raise their standings with megacorporations and factions. DNLeviathan and Imiarr Timshae have announced that Standings4U, run under SOZA Innovations [SOZAI] and The Standings Correction Agency [TSCA] will be working together to bring their services to capsuleers even more efficiently and effectively than before. Though their services are open to all capsuleers regardless of race or political [...]

                  Freight Service Customers Get Another Choice

                  • YC113-02-13

                    A new freighter company, Universal Railways has been opened to compete for freighter contracts, otherwise typically dealt with by Red Frog Freight. Universal Railways who published their first share report at the beginning of February, boasted a company value of just over 2 Billion ISK. CEO of universal Railways, Cista2, commented that; "What we have now is a moderately sized, but fully functional company. We are 4 executives including Dezolf, Stealing Honest, Anachronic and myself. Currently 7 pilots [...]

                    Split Infinity. Captures First Sovereignty

                    • YC113-02-09

                      ​ ​KW-OAM, Tenerifis - The alliance Split Infinity. [S1.] has been successful in capturing its first system. S1. is an alliance of about 250 capsuleers that recently captured sovereignty for the first time. The alliance is lead by SI Radio, which is well known and has been broadcasting to capsuleers since the year 107. S1. was previously not a major force in outlaw space, as they chose to reside primarily in class 6 wormhole space. When asked about why he decided to push his alliance to take [...]

                      Noir. Celebrates 3rd Anniversary

                      • YC113-02-09

                        Mesybier, Essence - On 19.01.113, mercenary corp Noir. celebrated its 3rd anniversary. The Interstellar Correspondents caught up with Noir. CEO, Alekseyev Karrde to capture his thoughts on Noir. and their three year history. Aleksayev Karrde explained how his own experiences lead to the creation of the corporation: "After a long period of 0.0 warfare as part of a small alliance, I needed a change. Decided to go merc. Applied to a corp then in Devine Retribution alliance and for two weeks I had a [...]

                        Unprecedented Number of Pilots Honour Poreuomai

                        • YC113-02-05

                          ​ PATOR IV – In what turned out to be a surprisingly large gathering, over 250 pilots gathered to mourn the departure of the pilot Poreuomai. Two speeches were given in tribute and in an unprecedented gesture, numerous pilots self-destructed their ships. In her speech, Neridah Tanz of Masuat’aa Matari praised Poreuomai, stating that “A cursory search will show the character of [his] combat record, his debating skill, and reveal his enthusiasm and excitement for this community”, while Ugleb of Sarz’na [...]

                          Capsuleer Outer Region Political Summary

                          • YC113-02-04

                            **Y113.01.14 - Y 113.01.31 ** The focal area over the last two weeks continues to be the Fountain region, with pressure mounting on IT Alliance (IT). The key outpost system of 6VDT-H, which was IT's staging area in the region, was subject to an around-the-clock siege by the Deklein Coalition starting on the 27th. The system fell four days later in the afternoon of the 31st, with TEST gaining sovereignty that evening. IT Alliance and its allies did not appear to undertake any large scale efforts to [...]