Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

ISS left BoB controlled region after break in contracts

  • YC107-11-27

    The Interstellar Starbase Syndicate has recently come across a bump in the road in the form of the once hospitable Band of Brothers Alliance. With a swift turn around in policy BoB gave ISS just three days to vacate their space, after recently renegotiating its contracts with the ISS. For many months the ISS has had access to the Period Basis region, a BoB controlled territory, to set-up and maintain their Starbases deep in lawless space. While the terms of the contracts binding both parties remain [...]

    Seleene discusses the Mercenary Coalition

    • YC107-11-23

      Almost a year ago a new alliance was started, one that stood out from the multitude that existed already. A few days ago I had the pleasure of talking to one of it's leading members; Seleene. The Mercenary Coalition started with two corporations namely Sharks with Frickin' Laser Beams' and 'Body Count Inc'. Later more corporations were added such as the 'North Star Networks' and 'the Corporation' and even today the Coalition is still expanding. Seleene told me that Battle Angels Inc have been asked to [...]

      ‘G’ Ascend on a new Frontier

      • YC107-11-21

        For quite some time now Feythabolis has been a stable home of the Ascendant Frontier. That is until a few days ago when the G Alliance aided by it’s family of IRON and Razor popped up to set up shop in the area. The weary peace was shattered when the, until recently friendly, comrades in arms came to position a G Alliance owned POS in Ascendant space. Ascendants reply to this brash act of defiance was one of extreme force in deploying not one but five Dreadnought class ships to engage the POS. As [...]

        Freedom transport fleet attacked

        • YC107-11-20

          Last Friday evening saw forces from the Ushra’Khan clash with elements of an Amarrian loyalist corporation named the 1st Praetorian Guard while transporting tens of thousands of slaves to freedom in the Minmatar Republic. According to Darmed Khan of the Ushra’Khan, his organisation was carrying out a planned mission to evacuate approximately twenty seven thousand rescued slaves from locations within the Amarrian territories. Upon their arrival within Matari space, several thousand of these former [...]

          An interview with Khaldorn Murino, part two

          • YC107-11-19

            Arielle deVoir: Are you concerned about the safety of Eckarine Mitumi? Khaldorn Murino: You mean Eckarine Hnolku, I take it? We swore a blood oath to free her, and we do not take such things lightly. We had a location on her in the Bleak Lands, but were unable to effect a rescue before the Amarrians started a war against the Blood Raiders. Our agents search for her in the new Blood lands, but without success at the moment. But rest assured, we swore to the doctor that we would save his wife - and we [...]

            An interview with Khaldorn Murino regarding Insorum and the U'K, part one

            • YC107-11-18

              Arielle deVoir: Good evening Khaldorn Murino: Greetings, Ni-Kunni. My council has asked me to speak for them on this matter. I am here to relate to you certain facts regarding the Insorium debate which, you must know, may be dangerous knowledge. Arielle deVoir: Can you tell me what the Ushra'Khan have been doing the last couple of months? Khaldorn Murino: Well, as you know, we tasked ourselves with defending the good doctor on his mission, but unfortunately we failed in our duty; on the way to [...]

              Providence – A region in conflict

              • YC107-11-14

                Last week saw the withdrawal of PIE Inc from the Curatores Veritatis Alliance, sparking a modicum of controversy and speculation on the GalNet Communications Network as to the future of the two Pro-Amarr factions and the fate of Providence – a lawless region which shares its borders with the south eastern edge of the Amarr Empire. Speaking in a statement on Wednesday, Gaven Lok'ri – CEO of PIE Inc, said that his organisation would be returning to “the heartland of the Empire” where in the absence of [...]

                MMC Lottery winners announced.

                • YC107-11-10

                  REPUBLIC. Yesterday the The Minmatar Mining Corp held the last round of their mining lottery, closing the event with the announcement of the winners. Pod-pilots Joan Sade, Dondo Yonderboy, Jes Salvatore, Sloth Arnini and Hege will be awarded a Rupture-class Cruiser each, with a bonus 720mm 'Scout' I artillery provided by the Republic Fleet. The MMC lottery, consisting in mining one million units of unprocessed Scordite ore during several rounds, was received with varied degrees of enthusiasm from the [...]

                  Takamatsu Trading Exchange Opens First Starbase

                  • YC107-11-08

                    Last week, the Takamatsu Trading Exchange set up its first starbase in the Obe system. The massive Charon freighter “Takamatsu” set sail from the DED Testing Facilities, along with her three Bustard tenders, and set up its first TAKA starbase. “Today is a wonderful day for the Takamatsu Exchange,” said Masaki Takamatsu, CEO of the Takamatsu Trading Exchange, “with this starbase we begin to expand our influence outside of the local stations, and in particular avoid the state's station fees.” While the [...]

                    Hostile forces seize Phoenix Alliance capital class vessel

                    • YC107-11-07

                      It has emerged that a capital class warship belonging to a capsuleer alliance operating in the northern fringe regions was captured late last week. The incident, which occurred in the early hours of Friday morning, is reported to have been perpetrated by members of the R.I.S.K Alliance - who are believed to have removed a fully armed dreadnaught class capital ship from a starbase owned by their enemies, the Phoenix Alliance. The dreadnaught - an Amarrian designed Revelation, the ‘PA Big Daddy’ is the [...]

                      Geminate locals destroy unwanted Outpost

                      • YC107-11-07

                        An Outpost platform was destroyed mere hours before its scheduled completion. The would-be Outpost, built by Lacuna Viators, was destroyed last week week in the QPOK-B system of the Geminate region. The main aggressors were 4S Corp, who were aided by Xanadu and Hirr forces. It is difficult to estimate the financial cost of something as vast as an Outpost, but it is safe to say that Khatred, CEO of Lacuna Viators has lost many billions of isk. Mr. Khatred, it appears, had been planning an incursion [...]

                        The human side of pirates, is Verone getting married?

                        • YC107-11-03

                          I decided it was time for an open hearted conversation with Verone after rumors of him leaving the world of crime and vice. I can tell you right now that we haven’t seen the last of Verone when it comes to piracy and highway robbery. He will be back, however a lot more has been said and announced in this conversation Verone started as a production director in his first corporation after the academy, however like many traders he was harassed by pirates and other low lives who wanted a share of the [...]

                          Stain Alliance VS Stain Empire Part 1: An Empire in Peril

                          • YC107-11-02

                            Intergalactic communications have seen a unique occurence happen within the galaxy for perhaps the first time in the public domain. A Civil War between two factions of a historically significant alliance. Stain has long been a dominant force in Alliance politics, stretching back virtually as long as we can remember. While other alliances rose and fell, Stain seemed inviolate, steadfast in their claim to their regions and strong in their willingness to defend that claim. Behind the scenes though, [...]