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Federal Government announces handover of Arcurio

  • YC116-06-10

    LUMINAIRE - The Gallente Senate has announced this afternoon that the City of Arcurio will be placed under Ishukone administration on July 1st. The move comes after lengthy negotiations between Ishukone Administrators on Caldari Prime and Senate representatives in Luminaire. In a joint press conference today, Ishukone administrative personnel stood alongside those from Material Acquisition as details of the handover were announced. The agreement places the three most populous cities on the planet - [...]

    Ishukone re-opens flagship station

    • YC116-06-03

      MALKALEN - The Ishukone Corporation has declared their headquarters fully operational today, six years after the attack by rogue Federation Navy Admiral Alexander Noir left it crippled and cost the lives of scores of civilians. The announcement comes as the corporation increasingly appears to be positing itself, with its projected independence and strength, at the forefront of corporate messaging. CEO Mens Reppola was on hand to greet and address Ishukone workers who had arrived to witness the [...]