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Caldari Navy announces discharge of courts-martialled officers

  • YC116-02-27

    PERIMETER - A spokesman for the Caldari Navy confirmed today that a total of fifty-seven officers have been dishonourably discharged from the Caldari Navy, after a week of legal proceedings that saw a number of arrests relating to incidents during the administration of the Caldari Providence Directorate. Publicly, it appears that all those involved were relieved of command under the umbrella charge of "actions performed against the best interest of the Caldari State and People". Sources within the [...]

    Caldari Navy announces “Octopus” Squadron courts-martial

    • YC116-02-20

      PERIMETER - The Caldari Navy have confirmed the arrest of Wing Commander Sami Okuuda this afternoon, after several rumors began to circulate regarding his whereabouts. Placed on administrative leave after the failure of Operation Spectre in November YC115, in which hundreds of Caldari loyal capsuleers suffered extensive combat losses, Okuuda was also involved in the failed defence of the Leviathan-class titan CN Shiigeru, which was destroyed in March last year during Operation Highlander. At the same [...]

      Caldari Prime salvage plans announced

      • YC116-02-05

        LUMINAIRE - A press pack released this afternoon by Material Acquisition outlines plans for the initial stages of a clean-up and salvage operation to remove the wreckage of the Leviathan-class titan CN Shiigeru, which was partially destroyed in orbit and impacted the planet's surface on March 22 last year. The lengthy document, which gives a detailed report on the environmental impact of the event and covers the current conditions in the 1.2 million square kilometre debris field, contains proposals [...]