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CONCORD Inner Circle Statement on "Caroline's Star" and the "Thera" System

  • YC116-12-12

    YULAI - CONCORD's Inner Circle today issued a preliminary statement regarding the stellar anomaly known as "Caroline's Star" and the revelation of a Sisters of EVE colony in the wormhole-accessed system known as "Thera". Given the significance of these events, the Scope has decided to reproduce this statement in full. Inner Circle Preliminary Statement Concerning Superluminal Stellar Anomaly YC116-11-26 and the Emergence of New Unstable Wormholes By Special Directive of the CONCORD Assembly Standing [...]

    Sisters of EVE "Wormhole Colony Lost"; Sanctuary Scientist Goes Public

    • YC116-12-09

      BREAKING NEWS - In a new development that may be related to the superluminal anomaly known as "Caroline's Star", a scientist with the Sisters of EVE research organization known as the Sanctuary has claimed that contact with a Sisters of EVE colony deep in wormhole space has been lost since the appearance of the mysterious anomaly. Sister Taya Akira has revealed to the Scope - in what she freely admits is a breach of her oath of obedience to the Sisters of EVE - that several years ago the Sanctuary [...]