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Sansha Incursion Defeated: Nation Supercarrier Destroyed

  • YC113-01-30

    Colelie, Sinq Laison - In the early hours of 28.01.113, Sansha forces were defeated by a mixed fleet of at least 100 capsuleers and a Nation supercarrier was destroyed. This was despite the efforts of Nation loyalists who attempted to defend the Sansha forces by activating smartbombs against the attacking pilots. Sansha forces were first seen in the Parchanier system in the Algintal constellation. Once word of the incursion spread, arriving capsuleers joined fleets with those they met in the local [...]

    CDIA Files: Sansha Incursions

    • YC113-01-25

      The CONCORD Directive Intelligence Agency has declassified a case briefing about Sansha Kuvakei and the New Eden incursions. This information is intended to provide current and future pilots with the historical context of the threat.

      Sansha Incursion Reported in Yulai

      • YC113-01-24

        Yulai, Genesis - Earlier today a massive Sansha fleet under the direct leadership of Master Kuvakei invaded the Yulai solar system. The fleet included several super-capital vessels. The incursion began at about 21.00 and early reports indicated that at least 1700 capsuleers rallied to the solar system in a bid to repel the attack. A wormhole was initially spotted in close proximity of Yulai's sun triggering the response from the bulk of the defending fleet. Only a few minutes later, wormholes were [...]

        Ushra'Khan Protest Alleged CONCORD Favour to Amarr

        • YC113-01-07

          Yulai, Genesis - On the 18.12.112 Ushra'Khan [UNITY] lead a protest against CONCORD. According to Forlorn Wongraven, a UNITY official, The Star Fraction and Electus Matari alliances also attended the protest to express their disapproval for CONCORD's perceived "pro-Amarrian bias." The protest began at 21:00 and was held, according to Rye Contini "against CONCORD's pro-Amarrian bias" and "favoritism." Ushra'Khan claim this manifests in many forms, including the recent replacement of all learning skill [...]