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Thukker Political Integration Sees Difficulties and Delays

  • YC112-07-29

    Pator - Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor publicly expressed frustration after yet another in a series of delays plagued negotiations with Thukker tribal leaders. For months the Sanmatar's staff has been moving forward in trying to assemble a new Council to represent the seven Minmatar Tribes. "It was my fervent hope that this process would go more smoothly," said Shakor, "but dealing with representatives of the Thukker tribe in particular has imposed a number of difficulties." Amongst the problems that the [...]

    Thukker Caravans Increasingly Present in Minmatar Space

    • YC112-07-29

      Illinfrik - After many generations of wandering throughout the Great Wildlands in relative isolation, Thukker caravan fleets are becoming an increasingly common sight in Minmatar Republic space. As the caravan of the Vulder clan pulled into docking slips at the Trust Partners Trading Post station this morning, the occasion was marked with little fanfare, indicative of the frequency with which Thukker caravans have begun plying this route. On the whole, the reintegration of the Thukker clans into wider [...]

      Former Nefantar holders attempting to become tribal leaders

      • YC112-07-21

        The vast majority of Ammatar who returned to the Republic to reform the Nefantar Tribe were commoners in the Mandate. They are now coalescing into the new tribal leadership. Among those former Elite who defected, however, are some who believe they should lead the tribe's rebirth. "I was more or less a Holder in the Mandate," said Rafin Chorda, who was the owner of a large number of slaves during his time in the Mandate. "I know how to organize the masses, how to keep proper account of funds and [...]

        Nefantar Elite make best of their situation

        • YC112-07-18

          While many of the ex-Ammatar elite who returned to the Republic following the Elder War have found the transition difficult, there are a good many who have retained the optimism that led them to defecting in the first place. Omad Durgen was a Vice-Admiral in the Ammatar Fleet before the Elder Invasion. He and a group of loyal officers commandeered a ship and defected to the Republic, even aiding the Elders for a brief time before the ship sustained too much damage to continue. "It was glorious," [...]

          Aftermath of Nation attacks ''eerie'' and ''disturbing''

          • YC112-07-16

            Ation - Nearly 750.000 Federation citizens were abducted from the Ation system by Sansha's Nation in a recent raid. Much like in previous raids the Nation left the attacked sites nearly devoid of human life, carrying off everyone from the newly born to the elderly. Estigone, a settlement of nearly 200.000, was one of the main sites of the Sansha attack. Before the attack it was a bustling industrial community in growth, centered around several factories belonging to Aliastra. Now it lies deserted, [...]

            Many Nefantar Elite find adapting to Republic life difficult

            • YC112-07-15

              Following the Elder Invasion over two years ago, thousands of the Ammatar Mandate's former elite defected to the Minmatar Republic. For many of them, the road to reintegration into the Minmatar tribal system has been lined with hardship. Stripped of their former power and coming to a nation that views them with centuries of built-up suspicion and hatred, the Elite have been faced with challenges that many of them have not been able to overcome. "I oversaw an entire planet in the Mandate," said Ramius [...]

              Calls for Return of Coalition of Empires go unanswered

              • YC112-07-14

                As Sansha's Nation continues its renewed offensive against the citizens of New Eden, many have called for the four empires to band together, as in centuries past, and destroy the threat as one. These calls, however, appear to have so far fallen on deaf ears. "Sansha's Nation was a threat over a century ago," said Professor Fontine Mereux of the University of Caille, a leading expert on the history of CONCORD. "But in the cluster's darkest hour, all of the empires banded together to smash them. [...]

                Lists of Sansha Abductees Increasingly Inaccurate

                • YC112-07-13

                  Yulai - As Sansha's Nation continues its raids into Empire space, the number of those abducted rises. While official numbers report over two million missing, the stark reality is that many of those abducted remain simply a number on a ledger. "Approximately one million are reported missing from Schmaeel," stated a Kor-Azor family official tasked with keeping track of the raids. "However, we have a list of names numbering barely half that many. We know the numbers are right, but we do not know the full [...]

                  Former Ammatar Elite speak about defecting to the Republic

                  • YC112-07-12

                    The invasion of the Ammatar Mandate by the Minmatar elders, an event which took place two years ago in YC110, is perhaps best known today for having allowed millions to reclaim their heritage as part of the Nefantar Tribe. Among those millions were thousands of the Mandate's elite; former overseers, planetary governors, and Holders in all but name. The most difficult thing for those involved was making the move. "My family had been given a special station in the Mandate," said Rafin Chorda, a slave [...]

                    False Media Report Sets Off Panic

                    • YC112-07-08

                      Pator - A story carried by The Scope news service and relayed by various media outlets throughout the cluster sparked panic today on Pator. The story, which turned out to be fraudulent, gave explicit details about a Sansha fleet on its way to invade the Minmatar homeworld. The local stock market on the planet took a steep dive following the false news story. Some areas saw mass looting in their retail districts, while fires broke out in some residential districts in major metropolitan areas. The [...]

                      Sansha Sympathizers Arrests Sparks Legal Debate

                      • YC112-07-05

                        New Caldari - A State appeals court yesterday backed the Provist's power to indefinitely detain a citizen captured on State soil without any criminal charges being laid. The ruling came at the hearing of 6 men arrested last week, who officials said were involved in a plot to lure Caldari citizens into space where they were to be offered to Sansha's Nation. A host of civil liberties groups weighed in on the accused men's behalf, calling on the State to supply evidence and charges. The presiding judge [...]

                        Luminaire's Market Affected by Nation Raids

                        • YC112-07-01

                          Luminaire - Retailers in Luminaire blame recent Sansha raids for sharply declining sales this week across almost all sectors. As the Sansha attacks have increased a new poll finds that people have cut back their shopping time. Some have also stopped buying altogether. Eighty percent of those polled in a recent Garoun Investment Bank study say they are "somewhat concerned" about Sansha incursions. A majority of those asked said they have stopped buying luxury items and no longer eat out. Of the [...]