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Alleged CONCORD Mirror Captures Portion of Nation Network

  • YC112-11-28

    Yulai, Genesis - A new database allegedly collated by the Directive Enforcement Division [DED] of CONCORD purports to contain quarantined portions of Sansha's Nation's network traffic and capsuleer documentation of Nation incursions. The site, available at Fluid Router 00068-eo-NATION, is a valuable collection of data gathered by pilots in the course of fighting the Sansha invasions and could prove a useful resource for those new to the battle. Capsuleers can send video footage and camera drone images [...]

    Multiple Sansha attacks reported; low security population left devastated

    • YC112-11-27

      BREAKING NEWS: Yulai - CONCORD has reported to media outlets across the cluster that Sansha's Nation has just undertaken three separate attacks in the systems of Leran, Uedama and Esescama. In a separate press release, local authorities in Pashanai reported that the entire population of neighboring Leran IV had been taken captive aboard Sansha dropships. Capsuleer resistance was reported to be heavy in both high security systems, but eyewitness accounts from Leran claim that there was little [...]