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CONCORD declares naming committee for the new regions.

  • YC109-09-27

    In a surprise move at a press conference today CONCORD delegate Ashiro Nakuyama announced the beginning of a 'capsuleer outreach' program. Critics see this as a shrewd move by the powerful organization responsible for Empire security and stability which in the past has criticized much of the independent capsuleer community for being at the top of their most wanted lists. The delegate went on to briefly explain the continued rogue drone threat and the sheer potential of a mass incursion from the new [...]

    Federation Loyalists Rewarded

    • YC109-09-02

      LUMINAIRE: It was a night of celebration in Luminaire as many independent capsuleers descended on the Federation Customs Headquarters for a party. The highest award that the Federation can issue to capsuleers, The Federal Star Of Justice, was presented to three pilots. It is the first time that three have been issued at the same time, and indeed the first time that the medal has been issued in over ten years. The inscription on the Star reads; “The Federal Star of Justice is a golden medallion, [...]

      Kuvakei negotiates plea bargain

      • YC109-09-01

        LUMINAIRE: The decision to release Vorada Kuvakei has left many Federation citizens questioning the direction of the Supreme Court. More questions than answers have been generated, especially surrounding the role of Illoren in the recent Rise debacle. “We have decided not to prosecute Vorada Kuvakei and his Illoren associates after the lawyers representing him entered a plea bargain,” stated a press release from the offices of the attorney general. “In return for their expulsion from Federation [...]