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The latest news from around the cluster as told by the special reporters of the news organizations of New Eden.

Further Riots in the Caldari State

  • YC109-06-23

    CALDARI STATE - Various systems in the Caldari State are enjoying an uneasy peace following days of rioting orchestrated by the Brothers of Freedom Movement. Their aim has been the attempted overthrowing of local authorities in a number of cities in Kisogo, Sireshin, Hogimo, Nouvukaiken, and Aikoro. However, backed by the Caldari Navy, local police now hold the streets in the affected areas. Armed mobs of substantial numbers had taken to the streets in a clear threat to the local status quo, with the [...]

    Gallente Federation celebrates Federation Day

    • YC109-06-17

      SINQ LAISON - On the 16th of June 109, pilots from all parts of the Gallente Federation gathered together in the Aunia system to begin celebrations for the 228th anniversary of the founding of the Gallente Federation. This annual event is known to both pod-pilots and planetside citizens as Federation Day, a celebration of the diversity of the Federation and the values it upholds. The festivities this year were arranged by the CEO of Lutin Corp, Bruno Bonner, who began the evening with a fireworks [...]

      Navy Report released on May Massacre: Guardian Shadows Resist Arrest

      • YC109-06-14

        NEW CALDARI: The Caldari Navy has released a report on the incident at New Caldari on the 12th of May, 109 and the status of the ongoing investigation. The main culprit in the attack, Weyln Xemal of the Guardian Shadows Corporation, has gone into hiding after his wingmen were killed resisting arrest. Commander Kusgarl of the Caldari Navy issued the report detailing this turn of events. It opens with a section dealing with the events in new Caldari that officially confirms the details of the massacre. [...]

        Espionage scandal causes INNVA ruin

        • YC109-06-05

          The tale of Innovaatio Varustukset (INNVA) reached a new low on Sunday the 3rd. Hours after its sale to Ishukone was finalized, the main research station of INNVA was attacked and destroyed, wiping out years of work and ruining the company financially. Behind everything was a Nugoeihuvi Corporation employee, pulling the strings of several high profile corporations, including pod pilots. Early on the 3rd, Kaalakiota (KK) withdrew its objection to the sale of INNVA from the Caldari Business Tribunal. [...]

          RSS tasked with hunting down Bloody Hands of Matar

          • YC109-06-05

            The Minmatar Republic Parliament late last week tasked the Republic Security Services, the Republic's intelligence arm, with hunting down an organization known as the "Bloody Hands of Matar." The order was issued as a direct result of the Bloody Hands' bombing of an Egbonbet space station on the 23rd of May, an act which took the lives of 42 people, among them Faulk Stian, an Ammatar consulate ambassador attending peace talks being held between the Ammatar Mandate and the Minmatar Republic. Adrand [...]