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Amarr overreaction 'no surprise,' says Matari Parliament head

  • YC109-01-29

    Head of Republic Parliament Malaetu Shakor yesterday commented on the Amarr Empire's reactions to Matari splinter group attacks in the Bleak Lands these past weeks, calling the Amarrians' response a gross overreaction, but an unsurprising one. In an interview with news outlet The Scope, Shakor expressed his belief that Imperial Chamberlain Dokuta Karsoth's hand had been "forced by egotism" into "doing whatever was necessary to salvage the Bleak Lands situation." This is in reference to the steady [...]

    Warring houses hold peace summit in Kor-Azor Prime.

    • YC109-01-16

      AMARR - Monday saw representatives of the Houses Darabi and Miyan meet in Kor-Azor Prime for talks to settle the recent hostilities between them. The peace talks were chaired by capsuleer Ashar KorAzor. The summit was attended by numerous pod pilots from corporations operating across Amarr space and elsewhere. Quickly settling down, Iraj Darabi, the Holder of House Darabi allowed Ambassador Kaselia to outline their objectives for the summit. These included a full apology by House Miyan to Iraj's [...]

      Bleak Lands nexus of mounting Minmatar/Amarr tensions

      • YC109-01-12

        Over the course of the past month and a half, The Bleak Lands region of the Amarr Empire has played reluctant host to a large number of Matari insurgent attacks, steadily escalating in frequency and intensity. One attack, in particular, is seen as the flashpoint for the diplomatic tensions that have resulted from the area's conflicts. On December 17, in the Sosala system, a mixed fleet of Matari capsuleers attacked and destroyed an Amarrian battlestation due to undergo redeployment out of the Bleak [...]

        Matari contract upset causes Mammoth problems.

        • YC109-01-10

          Heimatar - Simple hauling contract negotiations have ended up tangled in controversy this week after Mechanical Industries secured a large majority of contracts over other . With trading routes from the core Matari worlds to the frontiers of the Great Wildlands becoming more lucrative in the past year, massive trade contracts offered by a conglomerate of industrial corporations here have been the hot topic among investors for weeks. The two expected front runners contending for these opportunities [...]