New Eden News

The latest news from around the cluster as told by the special reporters of the news organizations of New Eden.


  • YC105-05-29

    The empires are becoming concerned that independent individuals are harvesting too much of the stellar resources the empires had staked for their own use. Couple this with the intensified pirate activity due to increases in space traffic and the empires have a real problem on their hands. They have now joined forces in a program that will augment their authority throughout civilized space in the near future. The police will make itself more visible with more staff and increased number of patrols, for [...]

    Used ship salesmen

    • YC105-05-29

      The SCC has become increasingly agitated with the influx of deceitful merchants dealing in wares which do not meet up to the expected standards. In addition the blatant bundling of various lousy salesmen, who sold ships to other people yet forgot to strip them of the extra equipment, further enlightened the SCC of how bad the situation had become. As a result the ruling body of the SCC has acted hastily to rectify the situation, and decreed that all ships and modules must henceforth be sold in a [...]

      CONCORD Pirate Warning

      • YC105-05-15

        CONCORD has issued a warning statement of a suspected increase in pirate activity in the very near future. Experts on the situation believe that the pirates are intensifying their activity in response to dramatic increase in space travellers within regions traditionally associated with pirates. In order to acclimatize space farers to this new and dangerous situation the DED will make an exceptional effort to keep the pirates at bay, but these efforts can only be sustained for 24 hours or so. After [...]