Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Estimated 900 Billion ISK Stolen From Corporation

  • YC113-07-28

    9IZ-HU, PERRIGEN FALLS - Last Friday, BigMaman, long-time member and director of the Solar Dragons corporation, claims to have relieved her corporation of about 900 billion ISK in assets. After more than five years of loyalty, internal quarrels within the leadership were the deciding factors for her to betray her corporation. Having had access to all corporation funds and assets, capsuleer BigMaman was able to deal substantial albeit temporary damage to the Solar Dragons. In a message to the [...]

    Sansha Victory in Kador Prime

    • YC113-07-27

      ​Sansha incursions in Kador Prime have become more frequent and violent as of late. Last week capsuleers defeated Citizen Astur and forced the retreat of Slave Ation09. On Thursday Slave 32152 arrived in Kador Prime in her Revenant class supercarrier and faced down a capsuleer fleet of over 100 pilots. The capsuleer tried and tested strategy of using ECM against the Sansha wormholes was successful in closing only one of the conduits as the portals fell "below transit parameters." They soon resorted to [...]

      Capsuleers Successfully Drive Away Sansha’s Nation Forces in Altrinur

      • YC113-07-26

        Altrinur, Metropolis - A little over a week ago, Sansha's Nation forces, under the direction of Slave Ation09, besieged the solar system of Altrinur in what appears to be a resurgence in incursion activity as of late. Initial reports indicated that capsuleers were rallying to halt the Sansha's Nation invasion. The battle was a success as another Sansha's supercarrier was downed. HardinSalvor, a fleet commander during the battle, described his fleet composition, "fleet composition was at about 110 [...]

        Merchants Offered Dedicated Channel

        • YC113-07-18

          Jita, The Forge – Capsuleers involved in trade have been offered a dedicated sub-system channel to discuss all matters related to New Eden’s markets. The channel, named "SCC-Lounge", was created by Caleb Ayrania. He revealed what goes on inside the channel: “A lot of rather serious talks about New Eden’s market often go on, and we do try to offer a lot of help to upcoming merchants when they decide to try their legs in ‘the seas of maritime’ trading.” Caleb also told of his future plans for the [...]

          Incursions Offer Lucrative Salvaging Opportunities

          • YC113-07-18

            The recent Sansha Incursions around New Eden have been met by overwhelming capsuleer fleets. The corollary to such large fleet engagements is the occasional loss of ships, this has given rise to 3rd party looting and salvage operations. One of these pilots, who prefers to remain anonymous, was observed during the battle of Altrinur. When speaking to him, he was very confident that given proper piloting skills, “correctly manoeuvring [through a large fleet battle] is not dangerous at all". He went on [...]

            Mystery Solved as Sansha's Nation Emerge from Wormhole

            • YC113-07-18

              Hebisa, Metropolis - The mysterious wormhole in Hebisa has been closed by a Sansha's Nation Chimera. After several hours of battering away at the wormhole with ECM and drones, capsuleers were taken by complete surprise when a small fleet of frigates belonging to Sansha's Nation emerged. Reacting to the sudden threat, they fought back the first wave which was left stranded as the mysterious wormhole closed behind them. Moments later, two more wormholes spawned on the spot, releasing first a lone [...]

              Morsus Mihi Changing Leadership and Direction

              • YC113-07-17

                X-CFN6, Tribute - It appears that Morsus Mihi [RAWR] is currently undergoing drastic internal restructuring, with long-term alliance leader, Vuk Lau, facing calls for new leadership for the alliance's "lack of direction." Morsus Mihi, once a cornerstone alliance of the Northern Coalition, saw its territory much reduced and the coalition effectively eradicated by a sustained assault from the so-named "Drone Region Forces" earlier this year. Previous statements from Morsus Mihi's leadership have [...]

                Sansha Forces Attacking Altrinur

                • YC113-07-12

                  BREAKING NEWS – Sansha Nation vessels under the command of Slave Ation09 are currently attempting to invade the system of Altrinur. At approximately 19:15 New Eden time, Slave Ation09, piloting a Revenant Nation super carrier, invaded the solar system with a fleet of supporting Sansha Nation battleships and cruisers. At 20:00 in New Eden, a fleet of over 40 capsuleers warped to the hostile vessels and engaged the Sansha forces. More than 100 capsuleers and rising from across New Eden are forming up in [...]

                  Capsuleers have Short Stories Published

                  • YC113-07-12

                    Brapelille, Sinq Laison – Forty capsuleers that entered a fiction writing competition hosted by Max Torps have since had their stories published for all of New Eden to read. The competition asked capsuleers to look at a provided image from New Eden and write a short story on how they interpreted the picture. Max Torps explained why he organised the competition: “I'd seen some competitions before but felt that they focused more on capsuleer thoughts, opinions and feelings. I wanted to see another [...]

                    Fantastic Frigfry Friday Fun

                    • YC113-07-09

                      Amamake, Heimatar - A monthly event has been created that sees capsuleers fight each other for fun in frigates. The event, which is also known as "Frigfry Fridays", will be held on the first friday of each month in the Amamake system. Jude Lloyd, event organiser, explains why he has picked frigates to be the chosen vessel: "I see an under-appreciation for frigates, I love frigate warfare and I knew it was simple enough that people might actually participate." Jude confessed to being pleased after the [...]

                      Modelling Contest Winner Announced

                      • YC113-07-07

                        YFN-UN, Syndicate – The winner of season II of the Sami Sabik Modelling Contest has been announced as Nausea, member of Veto Corp. On being victor, Nausea said: “It still takes a little getting used to, that I managed to take the crown in the end, but it feels amazing and strangely satisfying.” Fame has come with a price as Nausea conceded that there have already been a few capsuleers eyeing up her title "with a hungry gleam”. Revan Neferis, organiser of the series, expressed her feelings at how [...]

                        EVE University Celebrates 2000 Members

                        • YC113-07-05

                          Aldrat, Metropolis - EVE University celebrates reaching 2000 members. Zeroniss, Media Manager for EVE University, was very pleased that such a high number of members had been recruited, but emphasised that it was business as usual: "Realistically it's quite a big thing, but no more daunting than say, last week when we had 1900 members." Zeroniss believes EVE University to be "one of the few corporations in New Eden that while exploring a wide variety of content, is still very friendly and welcoming [...]