Sansha Victory in Kador Prime

​Sansha incursions in Kador Prime have become more frequent and violent as of late. Last week capsuleers defeated Citizen Astur and forced the retreat of Slave Ation09. On Thursday Slave 32152 arrived in Kador Prime in her Revenant class supercarrier and faced down a capsuleer fleet of over 100 pilots.

Sansha attack in Kador PrimeThe capsuleer tried and tested strategy of using ECM against the Sansha wormholes was successful in closing only one of the conduits as the portals fell "below transit parameters." They soon resorted to using an unmanned transport full of explosives. This too was foiled by Slave 32152 as she took note and managed to lock it up.

Unlike some of the previous incursions, there was no Amarrian Protector present. Capsuleers previously had the aid of Ihsam Dasirel in an Aeon class supercarrier when battling Citizen Astur. This time however, the capsuleers had no such support. On the other hand, Slave 32152 had the support of a strong loyalist presence.

It was this presence which was one of the deciding factors in Slave 32152's victory over the capsuleer force. Mid battle against Slave 32152 and her forces, the capsuleer fleet's entire logistical wing was warped away by a pilot named Priimmarry. "We were surprised by this betrayal when it was reported over comms," noted a member of the capsuleer fleet named Ammzi. "The traitor was quickly found and removed from the fleet by the FC." Unfortunately for the capsuleer fleet, it wasn't fast enough and the damage had been done.

Sansha stand unopposedSpeaking after the battle, Weynard II, a Friend of the Nation, regrets that "CONCORD prevents us from actively engaging other capsuleers or directly assisting the Nation's vessels." He further adds that Supporters can however "band together and sing the song of the Nation and prove our loyalty to Master Kuvakei."

"Remember how your strength faltered before the might of Nation." were the closing remarks of Slave 32152 as she left Kador Prime unscathed, leaving behind a field of capsuleer debris. Weynard II was "reassured to see how fast the capsuleer fleet scattered and what the lack of discipline in their ranks lead to."

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