Capsuleers have Short Stories Published

Brapelille, Sinq Laison – Forty capsuleers that entered a fiction writing competition hosted by Max Torps have since had their stories published for all of New Eden to read.

The competition asked capsuleers to look at a provided image from New Eden and write a short story on how they interpreted the picture.

Max Torps explained why he organised the competition: “I'd seen some competitions before but felt that they focused more on capsuleer thoughts, opinions and feelings. I wanted to see another aspect to their creativity, their fiction writing.”

Max also revealed his delight at the number of entries he received: “What really made it take off was when it was announced on the New Eden News Network... 117 capsuleers took the time to sit down and write a story based on one image. I felt rather humbled but also very excited. It also made me determined to see the project through. I spent days reading each entry, many of them I read more than once!”

With permission granted from 40 authors to use their story, he is seeking permission from the remainding 77 as he believes that "it's only fair to allow those that have been out of touch a chance to be published too”.

Arcana Mortis, author of "Inspiration Strikes", one of the 40 so far published, expressed her delight at having the piece published: “It's pretty awesome, if I'd known that was going to happen I probably would have written something better though!”

Kail Toronus, author of "Inner Thoughts of a Vanquished Soul", another of the 40, revealed the need to submit his story: “I just love to write, I've been writing fiction stories for a long time now. So, when I saw the competition I knew I wanted to submit something.”

The winners of the competition were:

1st prize of 100 million ISK and 2 PLEX - Ichikhan for his story "On Rails of Golden Fire".
2nd prize of 75 million ISK and 1 PLEX - Lady Ariona for her story "Freedom and Slavery".
3rd prize of 50 million ISK and 1 PLEX - Neologia for her story "Concientious Objector".

On the back of the success, Max Torps also wished to announce that a similar competition will be revealed in the coming weeks, with the winner receiving two Pilot Licence Extensions, and one for each capsuleer who wins 2nd 3rd and 4th places.

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