Capsuleers Successfully Drive Away Sansha’s Nation Forces in Altrinur

Altrinur, Metropolis - A little over a week ago, Sansha's Nation forces, under the direction of Slave Ation09, besieged the solar system of Altrinur in what appears to be a resurgence in incursion activity as of late.

Initial reports indicated that capsuleers were rallying to halt the Sansha's Nation invasion. The battle was a success as another Sansha's supercarrier was downed.

HardinSalvor, a fleet commander during the battle, described his fleet composition, "fleet composition was at about 110 vessels, so probably around 90 on scene. Vessel types were, in theory, scimitars, basilisks, scorpions, and tech one battleships and battle cruisers." When asked how the battle was fought, HardinSalvor replied, "Challenging.. The pilots in the fleet were expecting set Sansha'a Nation tactics, with known fleet compositions, we didn't know what to expect."

StyphonUK, a fleet member in the battle, described the tactics that were being used by the fleet, "Our main tactics consisted of firing upon the Super carrier until the number of non-capitals became too great. We then used our knowledge of Sansha's Nation vessels to prioritise non-capital targets."

As the battle concluded, Slave Ation09's super carrier was destroyed, along with the supporting Sansha's Nation vessels. However, Slave Ation09 escaped back through the wormhole. StyphonUK described his feelings about Slave Ation09 escape, "It was a minor glitch to an otherwise excellent battle. Capturing his pod and finishing him off would have been the icing on the cake. We'll have to make sure he doesn't get away next time."

As Sansha's Nation incursion pick up again, it remains a mystery as to their end goal. But be assured that capsuleers from all over New Eden will band together to answer this threat, and maybe even make a little profit doing so!

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