Fantastic Frigfry Friday Fun

Amamake, Heimatar - A monthly event has been created that sees capsuleers fight each other for fun in frigates.

The event, which is also known as "Frigfry Fridays", will be held on the first friday of each month in the Amamake system. Jude Lloyd, event organiser, explains why he has picked frigates to be the chosen vessel: "I see an under-appreciation for frigates, I love frigate warfare and I knew it was simple enough that people might actually participate."

Jude confessed to being pleased after the first event that was held last week, saying it "went well". He also added that as well as "solo pilots" turning up there were "even a few gangs".

MrWhitei God, a pilot who was present last week, appears to have enjoyed the break from his duties: "As a Heretic Army member we take living in Amamake very seriously. So to take some time off... to battle in frigate class ships is a change."

Jude Lloyd concluded that the event would continue as long as capsuleer participation remained.

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Frigfry Friday

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