Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Rags to Riches

  • YC110-01-29

    JITA - There is a persistent rumor circulating amongst the traders of the galaxy that a savvy trader could move to a market hub and make unbelievable sums of money from nearly nothing, in as little as one month. One enterprising capsuleer has set out to test this theory. Fresh capsuleer graduate Bouncer Ricdic has taken his 5,000 ISK graduation gift from the School of Applied Knowledge, and challenged himself to turn it into 1 billion ISK in the space of one month. The reporters of the Interstellar [...]

    Stopped in your Tracks – The Heavy Interdictor Story

    • YC110-01-24

      The recent release of the new Heavy Interdictor cruisers was set to shake the cluster in many ways. Many were enticed by the potent defenses these ships offer. Other pilots were attracted to these unique vessels by their ability to generate warp interdiction spheres. But the real allure, the thing that sets pilots’ mouths agape and makes their knees tremble is the Heavy Interdictor’s power to stop any ship. Any ship at all. In order to attain faster-than-light speeds, ships generate a bubble of [...]

      Small Corp Goes Capital

      • YC110-01-24

        In a universe dominated by large corporations and alliances, it is refreshing to see smaller corporations making an effort to develop and thrive. Rather than joining an established industrial alliance, capsuleer eonuk and an acquaintance formed their own corporation. Their goal was to achieve the precursors that would attract further members to the corporation. To demonstrate that the corporation is here to stay, and in defiance of general conceptions, they named their corporation endurance uk. [...]

        Triumvirate Beaten Back in Providence

        • YC110-01-22

          Triumvirate’s (TRI) effort to conquer Providence has been beaten back by Curatores Veritatis Alliance (CVA) and its allies. The attack began just over a month ago and was aimed at the X-R3NM system where CVA had placed a cynojammer. The final battle was fought between CVA’s (and its allies) fleet of 190 ships and Triumvirate’s fleet of 160 ships. CVA has been involved in what it calls Operation Deliverance for a long time in Providence. The goal of the operation is to develop the region as an [...]

          Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Pirate's Life For Me

          • YC110-01-21

            MESSOYA - There are many dangerous systems on the fringe of CONCORD protected space. One of these systems is Messoya, favourite haunt of pirate corporations such as Infinitus Odium (INFOD) and Filthy Scum (FSCUM). Piracy has been with New Eden from the beginning of space travel. A well placed ambush location can keep a pirate in business indefinitely, and the large amounts of lucre can replace any losses suffered from sentry gun damage or combat with other pirates. For the pirates, most of the wealth [...]

            Pirates Rampant in Solitude

            • YC110-01-17

              Pierre Dumonte, CEO of Aurora Security (with The Cyrene Initiative Alliance) issued a call on Galnet for the residents of Solitude to join together to rid Solitude of pirates. He mentioned Notoriety Alliance, Red Skull Alliance, and the Soul Cartel Alliance as being the main culprits. “Aurora Security and the rest of the residents of Solitude have grown tired of these brigands and their allies,” he said. “This is a call to all of Solitude to join ranks and show these low life punks that Solitude is [...]

              New Database of Corporate Criminals

              • YC110-01-15

                Piekura – Fitz VonHeise’s former corporation lost 500m worth of ISK in blueprints and cash to a corporate thief. The perpetrator was a trusted ally for five months before the crime took place. Unlike many corporations, which would rather not reveal that they have been robbed, VonHeise decided to do something about the problem; he created a database on Galnet of those accused of stealing from their corporations. The database contains a notice that not everyone in it is necessarily guilty. “All I do,” [...]

                Cruiser Class Tournament Announced

                • YC110-01-14

                  The Interstellar Correspondents have received notice from members of the School of Applied Knowledge (SAK) alumni that an open cruiser class tournament is to be held, commencing on the 26th of January. The event, to be decided over eight days of competition, will see participants compete against one another in teams of two with the hope of securing a first prize of one billion ISK. In talking us through the tournament venture; lead organiser El Caido of the State run SAK capsuleer corporation [...]

                  Wives and Pilots

                  • YC110-01-11

                    New Caldari – The Forge Framed above and below by vibrant red and white gas clouds and set amid a backdrop of scattered stars, the Ceremonial Grounds in the New Caldari system will live in the minds of only the few, fortunate Pod Pilots who marry there. Even in today’s busy world, some pod pilots manage to find the time for romance. These minority are able to put aside work and make room for partners, wives and husbands. Evanda Char, a Minmatar senior member of Electus Matari, made the time for [...]

                    Destruction In 49-U6U

                    • YC110-01-05

                      49-U6U, Querious The Interstellar Correspondents have investigated reports of a major fleet engagement involving a Titan class starship belonging to Evolution of the Band of Brothers alliance along with over 800 other ships in the system 49-U6U, the sovereignty of which is held by Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate. The Doomsday weapon on the Avatar, piloted by Shrike, was fired three times over the course of a conflict that saw Band of Brothers heavily out gunned, Coalition rivalries break out in [...]