Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Pirate's Life For Me

MESSOYA - There are many dangerous systems on the fringe of CONCORD protected space. One of these systems is Messoya, favourite haunt of pirate corporations such as Infinitus Odium (INFOD) and Filthy Scum (FSCUM).

Piracy has been with New Eden from the beginning of space travel. A well placed ambush location can keep a pirate in business indefinitely, and the large amounts of lucre can replace any losses suffered from sentry gun damage or combat with other pirates.

For the pirates, most of the wealth obtained comes from hapless capsuleers who are moving supplies and spoils from bounty hunting through these choke points and into secure CONCORD patrolled space for resale to the general public.

When asked how much ISK is at stake here on a daily basis, Scaramunga Scaramai replied, "It's totally dependent...some days its quiet. Other days you can get 100 million [plus] in modules out of one ship." Steele fox added; "I don't know about daily, but it's been a couple of billion in the past what, two weeks?"

Ransom is also a practice that pirates engage in. In a ransom scenario, the pirate estimates the cost of the ship, the experience level of the pilot (to determine if the capsuleer may have expensive cranial implants or valuable fitted equipment), and arrives at a figure. If the capsuleer is unable to pay, his ship is destroyed and usually his escape pod, if possible. When asked why pod destruction is warranted, DaMiGe remarks "It will make them clone jump back to their clone base, thus preventing them from telling people in the neighbouring systems of our existence."

Several factors have cut into the profit margins of pirates, but not enough to curtail the practice. The three complaints most heard were, the use of warp core stabilization technology, recent improvements in the shield, armour and structures of starships, and the introduction of the latest navigation upgrades which now allow capsuleers to navigate and warp directly to stargates.

With the introduction of these new technologies, pirates have adapted by travelling in gangs. The assortment of ships entering their traps provides too many variables for there to be a specific ship type ideal for pirating. Due to sentry gun activity, pirates need fast ships that can hit hard and clear the zone before being destroyed. A pirate gang usually contains a mix of cruisers, command ships, and interceptors.

When asked how specialized ships such as transports and blockade runners are raided, DaMiGe explained: "A Lachesis or an Arazu is a good way to counter a blockade runner. A Lachesis has an extended range on warp scrambling, and also a good lock speed. The Arazu has the ability to warp cloaked, and is the ideal scrambler and sensor dampener."

Guilt is not an emotion pirates possess. Scaramai explained: "People take being killed as a personal attack, when it's far from it... business is business." DaMiGe added, "If I did not kill him today, someone else will tomorrow."

In closing, DaMiGe offered this suggestion to capsuleers travelling to Messoya: "Don't!"