Wives and Pilots

New Caldari – The Forge
Framed above and below by vibrant red and white gas clouds and set amid a backdrop of scattered stars, the Ceremonial Grounds in the New Caldari system will live in the minds of only the few, fortunate Pod Pilots who marry there.

Even in today’s busy world, some pod pilots manage to find the time for romance. These minority are able to put aside work and make room for partners, wives and husbands. Evanda Char, a Minmatar senior member of Electus Matari, made the time for marriage. In an interview, Evanda explained about how her relationship with the Caldari national Meklon began and developed, eventually turning into a marriage. Like everything in life, their relationship has its successes and difficulties.

“When we first met, he'd just taken over from Thetis Midvar as the head of our alliance. We were both working closely to build the alliance and take it new places. We were working so closely together and, well, he was quite a funny guy. With implants like that, I guess you have to be. We had a lot of fun together and got closer and closer, the way people do. There was a bit of rivalry involved; I'd been almost seeing someone else shortly before things started up with Mek. He insisted on fighting it out during the deployment of my first Control Tower, having a hard time grasping the fact that it was up to me.”

From there, Evanda grew even closer to Meklon and eventually he presented a pair of Dynasty rings to her in proposal. These rings are quite rare, available exclusively from high-quality traders in Amarr.

“We had Father Goose conduct the ceremony. He's a rather heretical priest, by Amarr standards, so he was the perfect choice. We were able to bait our enemies and get hitched all at the same time.”

The ceremony was held appropriately in Minmatar space at what the DED refer to as the ‘Contested Minmatar Legendary Stronghold’. To Evanda and Meklon, it held a deeper significance.

“We held our wedding out in space near General Hraldar's fortress in Hjoramold. We call it 'his place' because of our genealogy, which claims Hraldar was an ancestor of mine.”

According to Evanda, there were protests to her wedding.

“Rodj Blake, an Amarrian loyalist, showed up in a covert operations vessel and claimed that my owner hadn't given permission and the priest was inappropriate. But Father Goose soldiered on with the service - and rather beautiful it was too.”

Evanda had this to say to any couples entertaining the idea of marriage: “I guess what I learned most is that even if things goes horribly wrong, it's always worth trying. Even pain is better than emptiness; there’s always something to cherish.”

What significance does marriage have for a pilot in today’s world? It can mean the difference between coming home to an empty apartment or seeing a cherished partner waiting for you. Marriage may simply be a contract for bearing children or it could represent a sign of trust between two loving individuals.

Whatever marriage and partnerships mean to you, they are as much a part of this universe as shields and blasters are. They should be cherished as well as supported.