Cruiser Class Tournament Announced

The Interstellar Correspondents have received notice from members of the School of Applied Knowledge (SAK) alumni that an open cruiser class tournament is to be held, commencing on the 26th of January.

The event, to be decided over eight days of competition, will see participants compete against one another in teams of two with the hope of securing a first prize of one billion ISK.

In talking us through the tournament venture; lead organiser El Caido of the State run SAK capsuleer corporation explained his team's motivation for promoting the competition:

"We strive to build an event for those who, unfortunately, cannot partake in the excitement of the Alliance tournament."

All fixtures are to be finalised after the 23rd, and potential combatants are advised to complete registration by this date.

For comprehensive details of the SAK Tournament rules and registration procedures, pilots are invited to access the original announcement here.

Questions, queries, and feedback can be brought to the organiser via GalNet at this location.

"Any further questions, please feel free to contact myself, el caido, or any of the following SAK events crew members - jna, Jeregh, or ManOfLeisure. Fly safe."