Destruction In 49-U6U

49-U6U, Querious

The Interstellar Correspondents have investigated reports of a major fleet engagement involving a Titan class starship belonging to Evolution of the Band of Brothers alliance along with over 800 other ships in the system 49-U6U, the sovereignty of which is held by Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate.

The Doomsday weapon on the Avatar, piloted by Shrike, was fired three times over the course of a conflict that saw Band of Brothers heavily out gunned, Coalition rivalries break out in fighting, the destruction of many hundreds of star ships and what is believed to be an unexplained solar event.

Events started when a fleet belonging to Band of Brothers was spotted in the region and became engaged in the systems surrounding 49-U6U including 4-07MU and 25S-6P. The Titan jumped into 49-U6U and fired its doomsday weapon at the 4-07MU star gate, "killing maybe 20 to 30" according to VileLust who spoke to us on behalf of the alliance Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate. Following this, a single Heavy Interdictor managed to tackle the Titan, keeping it pinned to the star gate.

Word was sent to the Coalition forces that the ship was held in the system and ships from the entire of the southern universe started heading towards the action. EmpO3 of Quantum Industries, a member of Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate, commented "The order I gave was to bubble and point Shrike with Heavy Interdictors, while targeting Band of Brothers in this order; support, fighters, capitals, Shrike. The Band of Brothers fleet was starting to take heavy losses and we were clearly going to win the battle, especially as there were more GoonSwarm, Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate, Red Alliance, Against ALL Authorities, Knights Of the Southerncross, Imperial Republic Of the North and other blue forces moving into system".

A representative of Band of Brothers High Command stated "For 3 hours and 30 minutes Shrike was pinned down on the gate. Several unconventional alliances where made at that point, like Mercenary Coalition showing up fully blue with their 'arch enemies' such as GoonFleet, Against ALL Authorities and Red Alliance". The Titan's Doomsday device was fired twice more during the battle, while numbers eventually reached over 800 ships with Band of Brothers outnumbered at approximately 1:9.

As more ships were preparing to join the assault, what is believed to be an unexplained solar event occurred that instantly caused all ships in the system to suffer an electrical malfunction, resulting in them disengaging and leaving the battlefield. Some ships, including Shrike's Avatar did not return, putting an end to the bulk of the fighting.

As soon as other ships had returned however, differences between members of the Coalition turned hostile when fire was exchanged with members of Knights Of the Southerncross. VileLust stated "As a direct result of issues after the fight, IAC set KoS alliance red, and removed them from the system". This was apparently due to "failure to follow rules of engagement in our space". When asked to comment, shnooker, CEO of Hounds Of War, part of Knights Of the Southerncross, said "Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate hunted me down ... and podded me while they were blue". He furthered this, saying that they were attacked "in order to damper the loss of the Band of Brothers' Titan".

Both the Band of Brothers and Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate representatives agreed that the fighting that occurred here is unlikely to change the state of play in the region; how this conflict will pan out remains to be seen.