Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Catfight at the local beauty contest.

  • YC107-10-27

    The Glamour Syndicate has launched it’s first annual Ms. EVE election nearly three weeks ago, sadly this beauty contest has already ended ugly. The last few days the election has been tainted by rumors of corruption, tempers flying high and envious women who cannot bear to see others in the spotlight. What started as a way of highlighting the importance of beauty and giving credit where credit was due, it seems to have ended in a cheap catfight, sadly without any mud even. The idea of Kaleigh Doyle [...]

    Gallente Drinks Inc nears completion of shipping contract

    • YC107-10-27

      Last Sunday evening saw the successful delivery of another shipment of Gallente Drinks Incorporated’s lucrative supply contract. The third delivery out of four was transported to GDI’s headquarters in the Yulai solar system by “A GOD” and “Brecher”; the capsuleer pilots who had won the supply contract. As their contract nears its end with the final supply run scheduled to take place in the near future, the two pilots are reported to be very eager to complete their indenture to Gallente Drinks Inc, [...]

      RONA Mega-Corporation becomes latest victim of corporate larceny

      • YC107-10-27

        Gotchy – a director within the Rona Corporation announced in a press release on Monday that his organisation had become the latest victim in a recent trend of corporate robbery. Speaking in an interview on Wednesday evening, the director explained that the incident – which occurred at around 14:00 EVE Standard time on Monday had seen the removal of five to six billion ISK worth of assets and corporate funds including a large number of ships and modules as well as numerous industrial goods such as blue [...]

        ISS Marginis Outpost open for business

        • YC107-10-27

          CATCH. The first publicly owned Outpost, ISS Marginis, has opened for business last October 26th. Finished more than one month ahead of schedule, the Gallente Administrative-type Outpost located at the KDF-GY system is expected to inititate operations with unrestricted access to all pilots regardless their affiliation. Docking rights may be reevaluated in case of acts of piracy in the Outpost’s and neighboring systems, or due to committing acts of aggression towards the ISS Alliance. “We have [...]

          Conflict Central

          • YC107-10-23

            Some startling figures, recently brought to light, show us the severity of the conflict following CONCORD's decision to open the Alliance Registry. There are currently over 12,000 pod pilots claiming membership in the various alliances that have formed since the registry was opened. The major alliances currently in operation are as follows: [5] Alliance, Ascendant Frontier, Band of Brothers, Firmus Ixion, Forsaken Empire, G-Alliance, Imperial Republic of the North, Imperium, NBSI Alliance, Phoenix [...]

            Vengeance and Judgement - Imperial Issue Armageddon stolen

            • YC107-10-22

              A few days ago, I was invited to witness the exchange of an Imperial Issue Armageddon, owned by Icarus Starkiller for a Nightmare battleship and 2.5 billion isk, both belonging to Hamish, CEO of the Tribal Trust of Pator, taking place in the system Pator, in orbit above Matar. Meeting before the exchange in a quiet restaurant, I interviewed Mr. Starkiller about the Imperial Armageddon, which he had won in an amazing stroke of luck in the BIG Lottery. “I read an article on the BIG Lotto and thought... [...]

              The truth about Electronic Parts

              • YC107-10-17

                THE FORGE. With hostility on the rise, some pod-pilots claim to have obtained more than a glimpse of the plan behind Mr. Vance and Mr. Stats’ research efforts. Twice again since their last reported appearance the scientists made use of the FTL Caldari comm channel to have electronic parts delivered to their labs at Sukuuvestaa’s station in Josameto. The researchers met the usual mix of hostile and helpful pod-pilots, yet this time they were willing to explain some of their project’s goals: according [...]

                Eve Relief Effort's faith tested

                • YC107-10-11

                  The ERE took a serious blow today, suffering the loss of a portion of their latest aid shipment at the hands of Johnny W, a Gallente pod-pilot. The humanitarian organisation have been lending a hand to the poor, underprivileged and less fortunate of the galaxy for some time now and this is the first time they've been taken advantage of in such a way. The theft took place yesterday evening, during the ERE's latest convoy run. Eleven pod pilots were recruited from the local channel in Algogille, with a [...]

                  Research project raises controversies

                  • YC107-10-11

                    THE FORGE. Stirring once again the otherwise calm Caldari FTL comm channel, researchers required pod-pilots' logistic assistance. As reported earlier this week, Mr. Vance and Mr. Stats are purchasing a few thousand units of Electronic Parts offering to pay roughly 40% above average market values. Such good is legal and traded in vast amounts inside the Caldari State, yet their claims that the parts are to be used in an undisclosed “research project [that] is for [the] benefit of all of eve and not for [...]

                    Hunt the Bounty – Round one

                    • YC107-10-08

                      Following the successful completion of his game show “Beat the tank” at the start of the month, Vincent Aslo ran the first round of his new game this week. This latest contest, titled “Hunt the bounty” involves contestants pursuing the eccentric Aslo around a solar system with the objective of catching him and winning the ‘bounty’ a monetary prize. The first round of “Hunt the Bounty” - the latest in a series of mini-games run by the former Gallente-Television host; was won by Aranel Tinuviel who [...]

                      The difference between madness and ambition, an update on Evolution and BoB

                      • YC107-10-06

                        We started discussing the history of Evolution briefly. They have been an established name for a few years and are well known for their ability to start or end a disagreement rather swiftly. They don’t allow people to stand in their way and are used to doing exactly what they want, in their own time. ‘Adapt or Die’ has been a favourite saying of Evolution in the past, according to SirMolle it’s not just a motto but fact. Considering their history this doesn’t sound too farfetched. It’s clear that [...]

                        Aslo's Tank is finally beaten

                        • YC107-10-01

                          Vincent Aslo held a third and final instalment of his "Beat The Tank" contest recently, suffering yet another defeat. His opponent this time around was a Deteis pod-pilot by the name of Pearl Charaxes. The reward was two million isk and, of course, the pride of hammering one of the richest men in the Federation. Though Mr. Aslo has stated that this will be the last round of "Beat The Tank", he hints that a new game, called "Hunt The Bounty", will be even more fun and rewarding. Coming to a system near [...]