Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Arcane Technologies spearheads first official Inter Alliance Industrial Cup

  • YC106-12-16

    Within weeks of Concord recognising the outer rim alliances as sovereign nation-states, Arcane Technologies (ATUK) has organised their first official tournament. In a press release earlier this week, ATUK representative Stan Hyd announced a championship with a difference, the first Inter-Alliance Industrial Cup. Teams of eight pilots from all of the alliances will be allowed to compete against each other in a loadout-unrestricted, anything-goes battle, the only catch being that industrial ships are [...]

    BIG surprise in BIG Lottery - Imperial Armageddon

    • YC106-12-13

      The BIG lottery, a bi-weekly event held by BIG corporation, is proud to announce their second best prize ever! This highly coveted item, the Imperial Issue Armageddon, will be handed out to the winner of the forty-second Lottery. The winner of the lottery will be announced Monday, the 20nd of December. At this time, a remarkably small amount of tickets have been sold, increasing the win chances of any that choose to participate drastically. The Imperial Issue Armageddon was donated by WarHound of PAK, [...]

      Inside The Alliances Part 1: The Phoenix Alliance

      • YC106-12-12

        This article begins a series of stories about the alliances which make up the political landscape of EVE. With wars being fought and controversy surrounding their very existence, we could think of nowhere better to start than The Phoenix Alliance. The Phoenix Alliance was officially founded in the early part of the present year by Rona Corp, 20th Legion, KIA Corp, Blades, Oberon, Occassus Republica and The Wolf Brigade. They lay claim to the regions of Venal, Tenal and Branch, and call them home. The [...]

        Freelance Unincorporated to compile list of pod-pilot slavers

        • YC106-12-08

          Freelance Unincorporated, a Minmatar freedom fighter corporation and member of the Ushra’Khan alliance, announced today that they will compile a list of capsule pilots actively engaged in slave trade for use of Ushra’Khan According to Maggot, Freelance Unincorporated pilot, they will offer individuals and corporations engaged in slave trading a chance to repent first, rather then naming and shaming slavers out in the open unlike previous lists, most noteworthy those released by Gradient. It remains to [...]