Minmatar Republic Celebrates Liberation Day YC123

New Eden News | YC123-07-10 - By Lina Ambre

Matar, Pator – Vast numbers of Minmatar across the Republic are celebrating the 143rd anniversary of the start of the Great Rebellion in BYC20. The festivities are being accompanied by nearly two weeks of celebratory Liberation Games, in which the seven tribes' capsuleers will compete for the honor of determining which tribe will control a new station in orbit of Matar for the first year of operations. The Tribal Council has determined that the new station to mark Minmatar liberation will have its administration determined each year in the games..

Above: Liberation Day Holovisual Broadcast by Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor

The Tribal Council has also ordered the broadcast of an address by Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor including a holovisual reproduction of scenes from the old Minmatar Empire, Amarr invasion and occupation, and the Great Rebellion. Minmatar archaeologists, historians, and cultural experts were heavily involved in the creation of the holovid by the Republic's top cinematics circle, the Grar'Olro Lightpainters. As so often in the past, Minmatar capsuleers are holding their own celebratory events today, beginning in the Pator system at 17.30 New Eden standard time.

As with previous Liberation Day celebrations, a number of fleets representing the Seven Tribes of Matar have assembled in parade formation across Minmatar space. Participants in the festivities are free to visit these fleets and celebrate with fireworks. The Liberation Games themselves also include a tour of key sites in the history of the Great Rebellion and the Minmatar Republic, including the Eternal Flame and the site of the final victory at the Battle of Fort Kavad.

The Tribal Council's new Orbital Caravanserai has also been completed, with a memorial statue to the late Ray of Matar, Prime Minister and Sebiestor Chief Karin Midular under construction. The Brutor Tribe have also sponsored and begun construction of a statue of the late Captain Karishal Muritor, former Republic Fleet commander and leader of the Defiants freedom fighter group.

Above: RFS Jormal Kehok parade fleet in Altrinur – Thukker Mix station in background

Liberation Games events include special semi-holographic environments and combat drones designed to re-enact key battles from the Great Rebellion, the Battle of Auner and the Mahti Jailbreak. Participants in these sites will play the part of the Minmatar rebels, and other sites celebrate the efforts of Minmatar resistance fighters to gain essential intelligence on Amarr operations during the rebellion.

In addition, the Tribal Council intends to authorize those who have completed the tour of Minmatar history to enter the Abyssal Proving Grounds as part of the Liberation Games. Sources close to Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor suggest that tenuous and erratic diplomatic contact with the Triglavian Collective has been attempted, and led to an "opportunity to show the Triglavians what the best Minmatar capsuleer fighters can do." The Scope's sources indicate that an Abyssal Proving Ground using Rifter-class frigates in a "glorification proving" will open on July 16th.

Members of the Minmatar military circles who sent troops and pilots to support EDENCOM efforts during the invasion are reported to have reacted to this development with "mixed views." In one bizarre incident following the news, a Khumaak displaying a holographic image of the EDENCOM logo was planted in the grounds of the Great Caravanserai with a message in Kul-Brutor script tied to the haft reading: "We have already shown the Trigs what we can do!"

Above: Tribal Council Orbital Caravanserai in orbit of Matar – Karin Midular memorial under construction

Occupation and Border Tensions in Amarr-Minmatar Warzone

Despite the ongoing occupation of numerous Minmatar systems in the militia warzone by Amarr forces, with fresh gains recently scored by the 24th Imperial Crusade, the Tribal Council's order to reinforce key planets and bases is being carried out as best it can by stealth and with light squadrons of ships. The role of the Thukker Tribe in delivering essential supplies via wormhole and drop to Floseswin IV has been noted in particular. Operations on Floseswin IV itself continue as remaining Amarr forces continue a guerilla action, supported by drops from the Imperial Navy and occasional bombing operations.

Above: Minmatar defensive positions in Audesder system – tensions high along border with Mandate

The besieged planet of Floseswin IV remains a matter of serious concern to the Republic's military planners as intelligence indicates continuing rebuilding of Amarr fleets and their deployment to positions along the border. Republic Fleet forces are themselves building up at the Amo-Hror and Abudban-Odatrik defense zones. Tensions also remain high at the border with the Ammatar Mandate, with the highly militarized Audesder and Kenobanala systems reinforced by the Minmatar Republic and Amarr Empire respectively.

Amarr conduct over Floseswin IV continues to divide military experts, with outside observers unclear on the driving force behind continued interest in the planet. The opaque politics of the Imperial Court have become even more difficult to analyse as the ongoing hunt for heretics and subversives occupies the ruling nobility. House Sarum and House Ardishapur have notably increased their military forces and established a number of new bases, with co-operation at an all time high between two powers that have often been rivals for influence over militant and traditionalist factions within the Amarr Empire.

Above: Komo IX Under Perun Clade Occupation – Caldari Resistance Continues

In Other News

  • Royal Heirs of Kador and Kor-Azor Families Order Review of Security and Trade Between House Territories

  • Queen Zidarez Khanid Arrives at Parses RKN Base to Oversee Royal Duchy of Fekhoya

  • House Tash-Murkon Launches Stain Region Surveying Program in Partnership with Paladin Survey Force PMC

  • Acting CEP Chair Akimaka Saraki Calls for End to Emergency Restrictions on Caldari Citizens

  • Caldari Executive Panel to Meet to Discuss Security and Armed Forces Reforms

  • Hyasyoda and Wiyrkomi Megacorporations Join Ishukone in Lifting All Emergency Restrictions on Assembly

  • Senator Bellaron Files Case at Supreme Court After Documents Leak Supporting Veto of Capital Punishment Abolition Bill

  • Kabar (Mannar VIII) Terraforming Project Reports Accelerated Timetable Possible Thanks to Capsuleer Resource Harvesting

  • Trade Between Solitude and Other Gallente Regions Up by 17% Following Opening of Eggheron to Kenninck Stargate

  • Republic Security Services Object to Demands from EDENCOM to "Share Contact Intelligence on Triglavians"

  • Republic Justice Department Raid Terrorist Cell in Matar City; Sources Indicate Cell "EOM Affiliated"

  • Seykal Clan Troop Transports Spotted Arriving "In Force" on Ennur VI as Krullefor-Angel Cartel Gang War Continues

  • Intara Direct Action Reports Raid on Oijanen Guristas Base; Claims Evidence of "Insorum Smuggling and Human Trafficking"

  • Intaki Space Police Thwart Plot to Assassinate Felice en Kishari, Head of EZA-FM Station Co-Operative; Serpentis Deny Involvement

  • Pro-Triglavian Capsuleers Continue to Fight for Clades in Pochven Following "Scorched Earth" Policy on Structures

  • Head of Federal Marines Intelligence Testifies to Senate on Triglavian Subversion in Serthoulde: "Amevync and Pegeler Under Threat"

  • Testimony on Vale: "Widespread Use of Coercive Psychological Techniques by Veles Clade Despite Collaboration by Planetary Governments"

  • DERAIL Extreme Environment Commandos to Conduct Counter-Subversion Actions in "All Colonies of Eugales Storm Planets III, IV and VI"

  • Caldari Resistance on Planets of Komo and Sakenta Reported Launching Simultaneous Operations Against Perun Clade Bioadaptation Centers