Kahah Uprisings: "Massacres a Humanitarian Crisis" say Republic and Federation Protestors

New Eden News | YC120-10-25 - By Lina Ambre

Kahah, Khanid Kingdom - After an apparent Blood Raider attack using the "Deathglow" chemical triggered widespread slave uprisings in the Kahah system, and fears that Queen Zidarez Khanid had been killed, brutal "pacification" efforts by Khanid forces are sparking protests across New Eden. The situation in the system is widely viewed as a humanitarian crisis.

As a major food production center, with some of the largest slaveholdings in the Kingdom, Kahah presents a unique challenge to Khanid troops, and despite bombardment of a large number of slave districts rebel activity continues to increase. It is claimed that the Khanid military are not discriminating between rebels and other slaves, and it is being reported that population centers that were not targeted by the initial Deathglow attacks are now experiencing their own revolts. Rebel forces have also been growing more organized, and have reportedly secured access to several weapons caches.

Protests against the Empire and the Kingdom have gathered in cities across several major planets, with protesters calling the event the "Kahah Massacres". Various humanitarian groups and members of the Republic and Federal governments have been demanding action. "Khanid lords are calling their efforts to pacify the revolts 'liquidating vermin'," said Anallan Kevier, Bourynes State Councillor for the Nexus District Parliament, "These aren't the words you use when you're just quelling a riot. This is a wholesale slaughter."

Kevier also said that the Federation has tolerated Amarrian slavekeeping for too long. "They wiped out an entire people the last time someone as high in the chain as Queen Zidarez was killed. She survived, but that doesn't seem to matter to the Khanid. How many more of these do we have to see before we wake up? It's time for the rest of the cluster - yes, the Caldari too - to demand that the Empire and its allies end this barbaric practice."

Imperial sources, as well as some groups outside of the Empire, have accused capsuleer interventions of exacerbating the issue. The Scope has received word that several illegal breaches of Khanid air space have been made with intent to evacuate slaves, and several major rebel groups across the Kahah system appear to be receiving assistance from capsuleer-backed insurgents. Several Minmatar capsuleers, including Mizhara Del'thul and Teinyhr, have publicly claimed responsibility for deploying operatives to the system.

It is unclear just how many ships have made it through. Imperial news outlets are denying that any unauthorized craft have survived, but reports from the surface have suggested several ships of Minmatar and SOE design were successfully able to penetrate aerial defenses.

Colonies providing humanitarian support have also been established on the surface by capsuleer Thaila Lemrenoy of MHE Industries. Local military forces have moved troops to surround these facilities and threatened to destroy them if they are used in any way that violates the terms of the SCC Independent Planetary Management Act.

Lemrenoy also organized a fleet operating transports over Kahah III. It is believed this fleet was involved in rescue operations. The fleet was later ordered to desist from providing any evacuation assistance or humanitarian aid to rebel forces by Sardar Marshal Soshan Fayez, commander of the 7th Asbara Cyber Knights. Sardar Marshal Fayez was supported by capsuleers from Amarr corporations PIE Inc. and Societas Imperialis Sceptri Coronaeque.