Minmatar Militia Makes Gains in Warzone as Sarum Assault on Floseswin IV Continues

New Eden News | YC121-12-09 - By Lina Ambre

Floseswin, Metropolis - While the House Sarum campaign to "Reclaim" the planet of Floseswin IV continues, as Amarr control of the system is maintained, the fighting in other systems of the Metropolis region miltia warzone has resulted in a number of gains for the Minmatar Tribal Liberation Force.

CONCORD's CDIA Conflict Monitoring Section has previously indicated to the Scope that Amarr control of a number of systems in Metropolis was "facilitating" the House Sarum "Reclaiming Operations" in Floseswin. With a number of key systems on the periphery of the warzone changing hands, the Scope obtained an update from the Conflit Monitoring Section:

"As you suggest, in our previous assessment it was clear that Amarr control of a number of systems in the militia warzone was facilitating logistics operations and enabling the so-called 'Reclaiming' on Floseswin IV to proceed more readily. Given the long real space distances between the Floseswin system and House Sarum's staging bases in Myherra and Gammel, it was apparent that a corridor of way-station systems was being used to move materiel and military forces from the Sarum bases directly into the warzone."

"As you may be aware, Amarr logistical doctrine calls for movements of materiel and troops to proceed under heavy escort. The favored platform for the Empire remains the workhorse Archon -class carrier. Use of unescorted freighters by the Amarr is generally an emergency provision only, and their jump gate networks in the area are no better than the Republic's after years and years of warfare in the militia warzone. We would take the view, today, that the recent capture of Isbrabata and now Eszur by Minmatar militia forces has significantly reduced the options for House Sarum logistics, which clearly allows counter-operations to be better targeted by the Republic. The breaking up of control within the area surrounding Floseswin would also increase the risks associated with use of star gates by conventional drive ships, and further narrow the options for Sarum supply operations."

The Scope can also report that gains made by Minmatar forces in Metropolis have also led to the capture of the Ardar system adjacent to Floseswin, and lying on a route back to the Minmatar Republic's staging system of Amo. The CDIA also noted, "Evidently it is helpful for the Minmatar to have a system cleared of Amarr jamming installations to which the Republic forces massed at Amo can directly jump. Both the Republic and the Empire are engaged in constant efforts to rebuild their own beacons and establish new jamming nets. Regardless, House Sarum control of Floseswin continues to give them the ability to project forces direct to that system, albeit less easily with fewer way-stations available, and the political impact of system control remains the key enabling factor to their planetary operations."

The Scope will continue to cover this major border conflict between the Amarr Empire and Minmatar Republic.

In Other News

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