Mysterious Enclave Warzones Revealed by Agency Jobs on Behalf of "The Quartermaster" as Capsuleer Investigators Assess Threat

New Eden News | YC119-09-20 - By Lina Ambre

YULAI - Widely distributed networks of enclaves believed by CONCORD to be associated with the Drifters and allied Sleeper drones have been revealed by a new job request promoted by "The Agency". Listed as a task requested by an individual known only as "The Quartermaster", the Agency job calls for capsuleers to enter "warzones" that appear to have been the scene of fighting between Drifters and parties unknown.

The Scope's sources at the CONCORD Directive Intelligence Agency have indicated that the Quartermaster is a known associate of the mysterious group of renegade fighter pilots known as the "Valkyrie". The terminology of "warzones" is apparently indicative of the same group. The CDIA also believes that a possible rival faction known as "Schism" may be involved in the matter.

Unconfirmed rumors, and limited intel from the CDIA, suggests that "Schism" is headed by an individual claiming to be Jirai 'Fatal' Laitanen, the former crime partner of Guristas Pirates leader Korako 'The Rabbit' Kosakami. Laitanen has long been thought to be grievously injured and incapacitated or even dead, though persistent rumors of his return to a life of crime have swept GalNet channels for over a decade.

Capsuleers entering the warzone sites have reported the presence of significant numbers of advanced Sleeper drones, including many models rarely seen in known space. A drone model that appears to be a variant of the notorious Circadian Seeker and Autothysian Lancer types has also been reported under the designation "Eosian Inquisitor". These drones are reported to be vigorous defenders of the wreckage fields in the warzones and invariably hostile.

The Arataka Research Consortium, a capsuleer group that controversially involves itself in Drifter investigation efforts, has issued a call for certain items recovered from the wreckage fields to be delivered to it, rather than the Quartermaster. The "corrupted trinary relics" are believed to be ancient data repositories using technology that has some relationship to known forms of Sleeper and Jove technology.

One of the Scope's CDIA sources told us that: "Those trinary relics are undoubtedly extremely dangerous in the wrong hands, possible vectors of colonizing neuromemetic worms or other coercive infowar technologies, and should ideally be disposed of using antimatter imploders. These capsuleers simply don't know what they're dealing with."