Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

BIG Lottery 12th Anniversary Round Begins!

  • YC117-04-27

    The BIG Lottery 12th Anniversary Round (#313) has begun! Ticket sales for the Anniversary Round (#313) will run from today, through until Sunday, May 10th and the winners will be drawn on Monday, May 11th, 2015. Prizes are as follows: ISK ISK ISK ISK ISK For more information on the BIG Lottery, New Eden's largest and longest running non-profit lottery, as well as details on how to buy tickets, you can check out the BIG Website here.

    Pilot Profile: Nbonga

    • YC117-04-21

      Thera If any one pilot could be said to be 'winning' the Fountain conflict, it would have to be Thera-based Nbonga, who has racked up 655 mostly-solo kills in March with only 25 losses. According to EVE-Kill, an enemy has a 3.45% chance of survival against his solo Sabre, and he has an efficiency rating of 97.66%. Taking advantage of intelligence, Nbonga is often able to find the best places to wait in ambush - high-traffic stargates in low-or null-sec systems, where he can expect large numbers of [...]

      Corporation Spotlight: Es and Whizz

      • YC117-04-16

        In an effort to bring you more information about your friends and neighbors, as well as enemies and rivals, we introduce the first of our semi-regular "Corporation Spotlight" series. Our first target in the spotlight is the corporation "Es and Whizz" of "Hedonistic Imperative" [RELAX] who on the 5th of this month celebrated its 10th anniversary. The corporation evolved from a humble smuggling operation moving illegal goods within the empires to a full blown manufacturing concern providing an end-to- [...]

        Catch Region Faces Change

        • YC117-04-15

          Catch - Infamous for being one of the bloodiest and most heated regions in all of 0.0 security space and neighbor to Immensea, home to B-R5RB, site of one of the largest battle in New Eden 's history, the citizens of Catch are no strangers to war. For about a year, the HERO coalition has occupied Catch and has suffered constant invasions from every side. Since their occupation of GE-8JV it has become one of the deadliest system in the Cluster with ship deaths numbering in the hundreds on a slow day. [...]

          The BHAstion

          • YC117-04-08

            Genesis - Moon mining, the process of extracting the minerals of a nearby moon, is one of the most lucrative and profitable operations an aspiring corporation or alliance can attempt. The minerals extracted from these moons have a great variety of industrial uses and require one to place a tower in a moon 's orbit in order to extract this resource. With so many requirements, moon minerals have become very valuable on the market but none are as valuable as the extremely rare minerals known as "R64s". [...]