Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

zKillboard rewards 50 millionth recorded kill

  • YC117-11-17

    Squizz Caphinator, the owner of zKillboard, has been waiting for eight years to give out a reward for a secret contest. Every capsuleer in New Eden was taking part, although none of them knew it. On November 5th, YC117, the moment he had been waiting for finally arrived - the 50 millionth kill since December of 2007 had occurred, but due to the exact 50 millionth kill being an unreported kill, the 50 000 001th kill was the winning kill for the contest. Revileushin Eyri had unknowingly won the two [...]

    Amarr Championships - Day 3 Eliminations - 14:45 UTC!

    • YC117-11-15

      Day three of the Amarr Championships is upon us, and will begin at 15:00 UTC today, streamed live on the CCP Games twitch channel starting at 14:45 UTC. The rulesets for this weekend of the Amarr Championships can be found here, and the general ruleset is available here along with the schedule. Today's six matches will see six hopeful champions for the Royal Houses of Amarr slashed to two, who will face eachother live on stage at Fanfest 2016 to decide the new Sovereign of the Amarr Empire. Tune in [...]

      Amarr Championships House Champions determined

      • YC117-11-13

        The first round of the Amarr Championships have concluded, and each House now knows who the champion is who will be representing them in the final battle for supremacy. The IC managed to obtain comment from the stewards of each house on their competition, and their goals for the Empire. House Ardishapur traces its lineage back to the days of the Reclaiming, when it was a member of the Council of Apostles. The Family is known for conservatism and is very religious. They once held the Bleak Lands, but [...]