Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

EVE University Announce Temporary Removal of Wartime SOP

  • YC113-09-17

    New Eden - In a startling change of pace, EVE University [E-UNI] has announced a temporary suspension of their Wartime Standard Operating Procedure [SOP]. This policy, which forbids ratting, mining and hauling while under wardec, has served to protect many new pilots from losing ships and modules they really couldn't afford to lose. According to Irdalth Delrar, "the reasons for the SOP have faded into legend" and many new pilots suffer under the restrictions, so therefore came the decision to [...]

    Sansha's Nation Recruiting

    • YC113-09-16

      Pator, Heimatar – On Wednesday, Citizen Astur appeared in the Pator system and exchanged words with capsuleer Drake Arson, a long-time Sansha supporter, and asked “are you ready to join with us?” Citizen Astur quickly formed a wormhole which took Drake Arson to Nation's home region in Stain. A capsuleer task force quickly assembled and responding managed to destroy Citizen Astur’s Revenant, after which Citizen Arson re-emerged from the wormhole piloting a Hel Supercarrier and re-engaged the capsuleer [...]

      Freighter Massacre in Pure Blind

      • YC113-09-11

        ​ EC-P8R, Pure Blind – On 03.09.113, the Fuzzy Logec alliance lost a convoy of freighters full of capital ship construction equipment to a permutation of an old scam by Goonswarm Federation. Weeks ago Fuzzy Logec CEO Nekumi negotiated with Akara Ito of the Goonswarm Federation and believed that she had "bought 3JN9-Q, O-2RNZ and AGG-NR” for 30bn ISK and an agreement to supply Goonswarm with a number of capital ships per month. Goonswarm had even offered Nekumi an escort fleet to keep Fuzzy Logec's [...]

        Ponzi Scheme a Success

        • YC113-09-10

          Jita, The Forge - On 12.8.113 the investment corporation, Phaser Inc. [-PINC] shut down their business, closed all 3360 active accounts and took an alleged 1 Trillion ISK profit. -PINC, run by Eddie Lampert and Mordor Exuel, started business 8 months ago. Investors got promised a minimum interest of 5% per week which was either paid out or reinvested, a continuous reinvestment was meant to lead to a 1437% profit in one year. Initial skeptical opinions turned out to be right as Mordor Exuel has now [...]