Freighter Massacre in Pure Blind

​ EC-P8R, Pure Blind – On 03.09.113, the Fuzzy Logec alliance lost a convoy of freighters full of capital ship construction equipment to a permutation of an old scam by Goonswarm Federation.

Weeks ago Fuzzy Logec CEO Nekumi negotiated with Akara Ito of the Goonswarm Federation and believed that she had "bought 3JN9-Q, O-2RNZ and AGG-NR” for 30bn ISK and an agreement to supply Goonswarm with a number of capital ships per month.

Goonswarm had even offered Nekumi an escort fleet to keep Fuzzy Logec's capital production equipment secure. Fuzzy Logec jumped into EC-P8R from Torrinos, where they were met by their "escort" and summarily destroyed. Referencing an alleged lack of discipline in Goonswarm fleets, Akara Ito noted that “Everybody remembered not to shoot the first neutral appearing and we held our fire until the very last freighter was trapped.” Nekumi estimated Fuzzy Logec's losses at 8 freighters and 2 Orcas, all full of equipment.

After the rout, Akara claimed that Goonswarm faced an internal issue, with pilots dropping from the fleet to loot wrecks away from the eyes of their FC. Facing this insubordination, Akara Ito says "blues were shot at." While some pilots still managed to loot and escape unlogged, Akara notes two Chimera BPOs as some of the higher value items captured.

Nekumi said she knew very well of Goonswarm’s reputation but believed the deal to be fair. Her alliance is still seeking an agreement for ownership of a few nullsec systems, saying “If [anyone] needs an alliance who build caps (if they’re used to kill Goons, they're cheaper), we just need a few nice quiet systems.”

Akara Ito commented “I'd sell systems anytime.”

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